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  • Cressi Drake Titanium Computer - Freedive Spearfishing Watch

Cressi Drake Titanium Computer - Freedive Spearfishing Watch

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  • Model: KS810055 | KS810095
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983064536

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Product Description

The Cressi Drake Titanium Apnea, Freediving and Spearfishing Computer is an advanced, reliable watch computer designed specifically for apnea diving. Cressi ran with the idea that not all freediving and spearfishing enthusiasts need an expensive scuba diving/freediving computer that contains unneeded algorithms. They need their own apnea computer that caters to their specific needs and a computer that is available at a more affordable price.

With four different apnea programs, the Cressi Drake lets you train and plan for any of your freediving experiences.
Pro — Evolved apnea
Free — Apnea/spearfishing
Dynamic — Dynamic apnea
Static — Static apnea

Taravana Prevention Program: Drake provides a Recommended Recovery Time (RRT) Alarm for Free and Pro programs.

One of the best features of the Cressi Drake watch computer is the countdown for recovery time. Freediving makes high demands on your body. While you're swimming at depth, your body is using the oxygen stored in your lungs and burning through oxygen stored in your bloodstream and body tissues as well while building up carbon dioxide. A surface interval between freedives allows your body time to flush the carbon dioxide from your system and restore the oxygen. In general, surface intervals should double the time spent underwater. If your dive was a minute and a half, you should spend three minutes on the surface with your snorkel out of your mouth to recover. (Removing your snorkel allows you to breathe more deeply and eliminates the dead air space in respiration.) If you're diving deeper than 18 metres (60 feet), increase your surface intervals to between 5 and 10 minutes for each minute spent underwater.

While normally all of this might be difficult to remember and plan for, the Cressi Drake does it all for you. It tracks when you begin your dive, your deepest depth for a dive and immediately begins tracking your surface interval when you return to the surface. It automatically begins counting down until it's advisable to make another dive.

As an experienced freediver you know how deep you can go or how long or you can stay down and still make it to the surface comfortably. With the Cressi Drake you can set these depth and time alarms to give yourself to keep you within limits. On the other hand, if you are attempting to set a new personal best on a dive, the alarm will tell you when you have crossed that line.

"Working with Cressi on a new Freediving computer... The ultimate computer for ALL freedivers: depth training, static and dynamic apnea, spearfishing."
Guillaume Néry, freediving champion and world record holder.

Monitor your depth, dive time, and recovery time to improve your freediving skills using this functional freediving computer. Whether you're spearfishing or just practising breath hold, the Cressi Drake Freediving Computer maintains your safety underwater.

The Cressi Drake handles every need and concern of both free diving and spear fishing. A large illuminated, four-button interface guides you through the many great features of this innovative watch computer. With a dual-purpose design, this computer serves as an everyday watch with a time and date display that you will see when you are not diving. But this watch computer truly shines in the water. The interface allows you to easily cycle through its necessary features.

During your dive, current and maximum depth of the dive will be displayed, as well as your current dive time and water temperature. You can also set depth and time alarms to keep you safe and comfortable during your dive. On the surface it will display your maximum depth, current time of day, total dive time, recovery time or surface interval time, and a ratio between recovery and freediving time.

The Cressi Drake is also capable of storing 500 progressively numbered dives. You can also recall dive history and display your total number of dives, maximum depth and maximum duration.

The Cressi Drake contains a long enough elastomer wrist strap to fit small to large wrist sizes and also over top of exposure suits. Crafted from titanium and stainless steel this apnea computer features a stylish sporty design and a perfect sized face that allows you to wear the watch during everyday activities.

The crown of the display is in stainless steel, while the Titanium case and screws are lighter and more resistant to oxidation compared to stainless steel. With titanium no oxidation forms in the area where screws are inserted, and where usually water and humidity tend to concentrate.

The crown is well finished with the right amount of names indicating the main functions of the buttons. These are made of glass-filled nylon, just as the case, a very light and strong material often used in the diving sector. The watchstrap is made of a soft and comfortable elastomer, which has and high quality look and feel.

If you are in need of a freediving and spearfishing watch without all the algorithms of scuba diving then look no further. The Cressi Drake Spearfishing Computer is everything you could ask for and more.

Cressi Drake Titanium Freediving and Spearfishing Computer Watch Features

  • Watch computer designed specifically for freediving and spearfishing
  • No unnecessary dive algorithms
  • Dedicated display for apnea data
  • Four dedicated apnea programs: Pro, Free, Dynamic, Static
  • Dual purpose design, wear it as an everyday watch
  • Will fit over exposure suits (extension strap is optional)
  • Current and maximum depth
  • Date and Time: Dual time zones
  • Chronograph with Split times and Lap times
  • Current dive time and temperature
  • Recovery time between dives
  • Ratio between recovery and dive time
  • Depth alarms and time alarms
  • 500 progressive logbook
  • History of maximum depth, time, and total number of dives
  • Sporty design for everyday wear
  • Depth rating: 150 metres (495 feet)
  • Durable construction
  • Titanium rear case and screws, Stainless Steel and Plastic case
  • Elastomer watch strap
  • Battery CR2430 replaceable by the user without tools.
  • Made in Italy

The Cressi Drake is a revolutionary apnea diving computer that not only gives information about deep diving, but with its special four programs it can also assist the diver in dynamic breath hold diving, static breath hold diving and underwater fishing. In fact, in its operating system the diver can choose between these four programs:

The PRO program is particularly suitable for diving purists and extreme divers. It provides, among other information, the descent speed, ascent speed and total speed, duration of descent and ascent, 'Time Ratio' between immersion time and the surface time (constantly updated), medium data and the useful function of Recommended Recovery Time for safety, set by the user for the prevention of Taravana.

The FREE program provides easy reading of and access to data. It is suitable for sea-running and underwater fishing and provides the necessary information on the most visible part of the display. By limiting the accessory data that characterise the program, PRO helps the diver to focus on the more practical aspects of the discipline.

The DYNAMIC program is for those who are training or practice the discipline horizontally. It has a special tank counter and has the ability to memorise training tables with times expressed in increments or decrements.

The STATIC program totally controls static breath hold diving, both for training and for performance.

Cressi Drake Apnea Technical Specifications

Sizes and Weight:
Diameter: 48 mm
Height: 15 mm
Weight: 135 g

Depth rating:
150 metres (495 feet).

Depth sensor:
- Sea or fresh water setting (fresh water depths are about 3% lower)
- Measuring field: 0-120 m.
- Precision: +/- 1% (T 20°C).
- Reading resolution: 10 cm (from 0 to 100 m) / 1 m (from 100 to 120 m) / 1 ft (from 0 to 316 ft)
- Data acquisition interval can be selected from 1 to 4 seconds.

- Resolution: 1 °C / 1 °F
- Measuring field: -5 °C +40 °C.
- Precision: +/- 2 °C /10 min change °T.

- Precision: +/- 50 sec month average.
- 24-hour display

CR 2430 - 3V battery.
Remark: It is important to remember that different factors may affect battery life, such as: time of storage before acquiring the device, dive time, use of back light, quality of battery whose average life varies depending, for example, on temperature.


Two Year Guarantee
Cressi guarantees the performance and quality of its products. On Cressi dive computers purchased in Australia the warranty is two (2) years from the date of customer purchase.

Download/read the Cressi Drake Instruction Manual (PDF, 26 pages, 3.8 Mb)

Please Note: We usually have the Cressi Drake in stock. As we source them direct from Cressi in Italy, it can take 14 to 21 days for more stock to arrive if we run out.

(09/20 GJR)

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