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JBL Sea Vine Float Line 30m

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  • Model: JBL-FL200 *Discontinued*
  • Brand: JBL Spearguns
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Product Description

It floats, it stretches, and it's actually large enough to fight a fish. The 30-metre JBL Sea Vine spearfishing float line is constructed with a 3/8-inch closed-cell neoprene internal core encapsulated in high tensile, stretchable polyester over-braid that has a break strength of over 820 kg (1800 lbs). This proprietary design means that you now have a float line that stretches like a bungee, but is durable enough to drag through the rockiest of bottoms.

Great choice for use around reefs, and structures where a traditional float line would get destroyed.

Constructed of hi-tech, durable, thermal polymer extruded shell and loose braid 600 lbs Dacron core, the new SeaVine is the ultimate fish taming floatline. The .050 inch wall allows for 100% stretch with optimum memory resistance, fish can run but they can't hide.

No more extra baggage fees due to heavy, low tech bungees. The Seavine II has landed 200+ lb tuna in Panama, 100+ lb grouper in Mexico and 70 lb. Wahoo in the Gulf. Stainless tuna/shark clips with terminal tackle rings and swivels take the guesswork out of landing big game fish.

JBL Sea Vine Float Line 30m Features

  • Constructed with a 3/8-inch closed cell neoprene internal core
  • Encapsulated in a high tensile, stretchable polyester over-braid
  • Has a break strength of over 820 kg (1800 lbs)
  • 30 metres (100 feet) line length
  • Stainless steel shark clip at each end
  • Hi-Viz Blue

Stock Status: Discontinued Stock. Once sold out, that's it! Sadly, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on discontinued/clearance stock.

(01/22 LRB)