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Tusa Replacement Mask Strap - Standard - Black

$28.00  $26.50
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  • Model: TC-107
  • Brand: Tusa
  • EAN: 4983608446448

Product Description

This is the Black Silicone (TC-107) version of the Standard 2 cm size of Tusa Replacement Mask Strap designed to fit the a wide range of Tusa snorkelling and diving masks, as well as numerous other masks from different manufacturers.

Fits Tusa masks such as the Tusa Visulator (M-14), Imprex 3D Hyperdry (M-32), Platina (SP-170), X-Pert (TM-3800), Liberator (TM-5000), Liberator Plus (TM-5700), Splendive (TM-7500), Imprex Hyperdry (TM-8000Q) masks.

Tusa Replacement Mask Strap - Standard - Black Features

  • Standard 20 mm strap to fit Tusa M-14, M-32, SP-170, TM-3800, TM-5000, TM-5700, TM-7500, TM-8000Q masks
  • Durable Black Silicone Rubber
  • Don't Let a Broken Strap Stop Your Dive
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item

This standard size mask strap is available in clear silicone (TC-102) or black silicone (TC-107).

(03/16 LRB)