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Sonar Regulator Mouthpiece Low Profile Cable Tie - Black (Qty 5)


The Sonar Regulator Mouthpiece Low Profile Cable Tie is a high quality, self locking nylon 190 mm long and 4.6 mm wide cable tie ideal for securing your regulator mouthpiece to your second stage regulator. Many divers find these low profile tie wraps more comfortable and less intrusive on second stage regulator mouthpieces.

This special tie-wrap has a much lower height and more rounded shape than the standard cable tie used on most second stage regulator mouthpieces. Found primarily in the aircraft industry and typically only available quantities of a thousand or more, we've made them available in packages of five.

These nylon UL approved cable ties are resistant to most chemical acids and UV stabilised.

Sonar Regulator Mouthpiece Low Profile Cable Tie Features

  • Low profile design is more comfortable and less intrusive on second stage regulator mouthpieces
  • One piece construction self locking nylon cable ties
  • Extra strength due to heavier weight of material used
  • High quality nylon UL approved, resistant to most chemical acids
  • Black cable ties are UV resistant, which prolongs useful life under sunshine/outdoor applications

Great item for you Save-A-Dive Kit.

Tech Tip

The way the strap threads through the lock causes it to exit the lock in a parallel manner, rather than an right angles, which is part of the reason it lies so flat. Compared to ordinary cable tie wraps, this means the strap requires a different approach to pulling it tight. Hold the lock in one hand while pulling the strap tight with other hand. Pull the strap parallel to the the lock, not at right angles as you would with a normal tie-wrap. Once you are sure it is tight, then cut. Also, you cannot use the typical tie-wrap speciality tools that pull and cut in one step because the standard tools will cut the low-profile tie-wrap before it has been fully tightened. If you pull the strap at right angles to the lock, the strap might fail to tighten completely and the mouthpiece could later separate from the second stage.

(05/16 LRB)

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