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  • TUSA IQ-1204 DC Solar Link Watch Dive Computer

TUSA IQ-1204 DC Solar Link Watch Dive Computer

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  • Model: IQ-1204-BK
  • Brand: Tusa
  • EAN: 4983608474953

Product Description

The Tusa DC Solar Link Wrist Watch Dive Computer supports a wide range of enriched air mixes and uses Bluetooth to plan your dive straight from a free app. Best of all, this watch sized dive computer is solar powered, so you are never have a dead battery.

  • Solar Rechargable - Never be bothered by battery replacements again!
  • Dive with confidence, knowing that your computer will not run low on battery.
  • Bluetooth Smart - Transfer your Dive Log data to your smartphone and tablet.
  • Share on Social Media - Easily share your dives on Social Media!

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Whether you're spending your vacation diving overseas or in Australia, or just snuck out of work early for a light afternoon dip, the Tusa DC Solar Link Scuba Wrist Dive Computer will make sure you're always ready. It's programmable straight from your smartphone using a low-energy Bluetooth connection, so you can upload your dive plan during a layover at the airport, or on the boat before you get in the water.

Once uploaded to your device, dive logs can be shared with your friends on social media.

Best of all, you never have to change your dive computer battery! The TUSA Solar Link Dive Computer is completely solar-powered, rechargeable with sunlight or indoor fluorescent lighting.

In the water, the AA Buhlmann decompression algorithm allows for safe and simple ascents, and the built in planner supports enriched air for mixes 22% to 100% oxygen.

Tusa DC Solar Link Dive Computer Features

  • Solar powered battery design eliminates the need to replace a battery
  • Low-energy Bluetooth connectivity to view, edit, and manage dive data from your phone
  • Preset 4 individual gas mixes
  • Automatically adjusts for altitude diving
  • Audible alarms for ascent rate, max depth, no decompression limits, safety stop, and more
  • Freedive mode
  • Integrated digital compass
  • Optional deep stop
  • AA Buhlmann ZHL-16C Decompression algorithm for safe and simple ascents
  • O2 Enriched Air percentages of 22% to 100% full oxygen
  • 100 metre waterproof rating
  • World time mode with 48 cities is perfect for those who travel to dive
  • Full-Auto LED backlight

Tusa DC Solar Link Dive Computer Technology

Solar Rechargeable
Rechargeable by sunlight or indoor fluorescent light. The solar rechargeable feature eliminates the need for battery replacements.

Bluetooth SMART
Bluetooth SMART technology enables smartphones or tablets with the Diving LOG app downloaded to receive dive log data from the IQ1204 DC Solar Dive Computer via Bluetooth.

4 Gas Mix
This advanced feature allows the diver to preset four individual gas mixtures (Mix 1, Mix 2, Mix 3, Mix 4) from 21-100% for easy switching during the dive.

Altitude Smart Mode
The altitude smart mode allows the computer to automatically adjust for altitude diving.

Audible Alarm
TUSA’s computers feature audible and visual alarms for the most important dive data warnings. Ascent rate, maximum depth, no decompression limits, safety stop and several other key data can be set to alert the diver.

Backlit Display
Several TUSA computer instruments feature a backlit display for night diving or low-light situations. The bright backlight is activated by a touch of a button and the duration can be set for up to 10 seconds in length enabling the diver to view critical dive data easily and quickly.

Free Dive Mode
The free dive mode calculates dive times and surface intervals for free diving.

Optional Deep Stop
An optional safety stop on No Deco dives exceeding a depth of 80 feet.

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