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E-Shark Force Charging Pad

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  • Model: ESA00950
  • Brand: E-Shark Force

Product Description

Charging Pad for the E-Shark Force shark defense system units. The charging pad can also be plugged into a computer or portable solar panel, using a USB connection, in areas where there is no ready electrical current. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the E-Shark Force device.

E-Shark Force Charger Pad Specifications

  • Battery Charger: 6 VDC, 1.0 Amp wall transformer
  • Charging Time: Approx. 6-8 hours

The E-Shark Force charging pad has a 3 foot micro USB to USB cable, so it can connect to anywhere that has a USB outlet: a computer, an outlet converter, a car charger, or some phone chargers.

E-Shark Force Charging Pad Directions

Here is your quick Charging Guide:

  1. Plub enclosed USB cord into outlet with a USB port, or computer USB port.
  2. Plug other end of this cord all the way into the charging pad onthe side.
  3. Make sure the outlet or power source is on.
  4. Gently lay E-Shark Force device with the logo side down onto the top of the charging pad (the side with the red circle).
  5. A Blue light on the pad will quickly come on and go off, indicating that the pad is charging the device.
  6. Wait for at least a full minute before a light on the side of the device shows green, then turns to blinking red to indicate charging.
  7. After device has fully charged (in a few hours), the light will show steady green until you lift the device off the charging pad, ready to wear.

E-Shark Force Comparison Brochure (Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 810 Kb)

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