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Ocean Design Neoprene Seat Cover

$99.00  $95.00
Save: $4.00 (4%)

  • Model: MS20665
  • Brand: Ocean Design

Product Description

Want to get into your car with your wetsuit or gym clothes still on? Then you need an Ocean Design Neoprene Wet Seat Cover. This universal car wet seat cover is durable, long-lasting and water resistant.

Perfect for coming home from the beach, or after a dive, or even coming home from a sweaty work out at the gym. These neoprene wet seat covers will fit any car and are waterproof. You no longer have to worry about using musty towels, or wrecking those lovely leather car seats.

The Ocean Design neoprene seat covers are designed to cater for today's vehicle seats. Being a wet suit material, it can prevent water and other liquids from getting through to your seats. Unlike traditional seat covers, neoprene is free from cracking, fading and odours. You can be assured of the mildew resistance and protection it provides.

Colour: Black

(05/16 LRB)