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Suunto USB Download Cable for EON Steel Dive Computer

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  • Model: 30700 | SS020307000
  • Brand: Suunto
  • EAN: 6417084182364

Product Description

The Suunto USB Download Kit for the EON Computer gives divers the ability to see all aspects of dive profile using coloured graphs. It can help improve diving ability by allowing you to observe critical dive profile information. Share your underwater experiences with others. Download depths and decompression status, maximum depth, bottom time, descent/ascent rates, ambient temperatures, surface intervals, and all warning points entered during the dive. This product is a must for the serious diver.

This Suunto Eon Steel USB Cable allows you to access all the computers log information and much more! By downloading Suunto DM5 software it allows you to plan out your dives in advance and then seamlessly transfer your data to your computer. With Suunto updatable software will save you big bucks in the long run. Instead of buying model after model, year after year, you can download and update your EON with new software (such as closed-circuit rebreather).

Download Suunto DM5 from This USB cable enables you to charge and synchronise your Suunto EON Steel via Suunto DM5, available for PC and Mac. Also compatible with Suunto Charger.

Suunto USB Download Cable for EON Computer Features

  • Suunto PC Download Kit (USB) for EON Computer
  • Allows You to Access All Computers Log Information and Much More!
  • Compatibility (PC/MAC)
  • Complete Dive Profile Information
  • Ability to See All Aspects of Dive Profiles with Color Graphs
  • Log Your Dives
  • Must for the Serious Diver
  • Helps Improve Diving Ability
  • Observe Critical Dive Profile Information
  • Share Underwater Experiences with Others
  • Download:
    Depths, Decompression Status and Maximum Depth
    Bottom Time, Descent/Ascent Rates, Ambient Temperatures and Surface Intervals
    All Warning Points Entered During the Dive and More!
  • By Downloading Suunto DM5 Software:
    Plan Out Dives in Advance
    Seamlessly Transfer Data to Computer
  • Updatable Software, Saves You big Bucks in the Long Run
  • No Buying New Computer, t Grows with You!
  • Download and Update EON w/New Software (such as closed-circuit rebreather)
  • USB Cable Enables Charging and Synchronise Suunto EON Steel via Suunto DM5
  • Compatible with Suunto Charger

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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