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Suunto Battery Kit - HelO2 Vytec Vyper Cobra Gekko Zoop (5 Pack)


  • Model: 550700 | SS0S5507000
  • Brand: Suunto
  • EAN: 6417084002938

Product Description

This is a genuine Suunto Battery Change Kit for the user replaceable battery in the Suunto HelO2, Vytec, Vyper, Cobra, Gekko and Zoop dive computers. Pack of 5. Each pack includes a battery, O-ring, battery retainer and locking ring. For user changeable computers only.

Currently Not Available:
Suunto are having problems importing these battery kits into Australia. We'll have stock again when/if the problem is solved.

Replacement Battery meets the testing standards to ensure the battery produces an even amount of power throughout it's life in the intended temperature range.

Replacement O-Ring to replace the existing O-Ring because static O-Rings tend to flatten when compressed, compromising the seal, and can often become brittle and crack over time. It's good to replace O-Rings, dynamic or static, once a year for the most effective seal.

Replacement Battery Cover Ring holds the clear battery cover in place after you change the battery.

How to change the battery.

Suunto Battery Kit Specification

This battery kit is compatible with:

  • Suunto Gekko
  • Suunto Zoop
  • Suunto Vyper
  • Suunto Vyper 2
  • Suunto Vyper Air
  • Suunto Vytec
  • Suunto Vytec DS
  • Suunto Cobra
  • Suunto Cobra 2
  • Suunto Cobra 3
  • Suunto HelO2

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(07/17 LRB)

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