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  • Cressi Tank Strap Trim Weight Pocket - 2.7kg

Cressi Tank Strap Trim Weight Pocket - 2.7kg

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  • Model: IC760099
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983048208

Product Description

Do you find your cylinder rising off your back near the end of the dive? Does your cylinder valve and regulator first stage bump you in the back of your head? Do you feel unbalanced in the water when wearing a weight belt or with integrated BCD weight system? If these are common problems for you, Cressi has a simple solution to your problem.

Stock Status: We're currently out of stock of this item and so is the Australian distributor. We are advised that it will be available again in late August.

Adding one or more weight pockets to your BCD cylinder cam band can eliminate all of these problems. By placing hard or soft lead in the weight pocket situated on your tank strap will keep your cylinder from floating near the end of a dive or provide balance to your system for a more comfortable dive. It will also take some weight off the hips when you dive with a weight belt.

The Cressi Weights Holder for Cylinder Bands are made from durable nylon material with a zippered closure for security of weights. These 2.7 kg (5 lb) capacity, non-releasable weight pockets have a nylon webbing loop sewn to the back for easy threading to your tank cam strap webbing.

Cressi Cylinder Cam Band Strap Trim Weight Pocket Features

  • Helps Prevent Excess Cylinder Buoyancy
  • Provides Stability when Diving
  • Increased Balance in Water
  • Helps Prevent Cylinder Valve/First-Stage Bumping Head
  • Takes Weight-Off-the-Hips
  • Excepts Hard or Soft Lead
  • Durable Nylon Material with Zippered Closure for Security of Weight
  • 2.7 kg (5 lb) Capacity Non-Releasable Weight Pockets
  • Nylon Webbing Loop, Easy Threading to Cam Strap Webbing

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