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Boot - Faber Steel 9L, 10.5L and 12.2L Cylinders (178mm)

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Faber Cylinder Boot to fit round bottomed Faber tanks of 9 litre, 10.5 litre and standard 12.2 litre capacities with a diameter of 178 mm (7 inch).

To protect the bottom of your cylinder, and to limit roll — put on a tank boot.

All Scuba cylinders need a tank boot to protect the lower surface from damage. Faber steel cylinders need a tank boot even more with their round bottom design. The boot allows the tank to stand up straight on a stable flat surface making mounting of buoyancy compensators, harness systems and regulators easier.

These self-draining flexible PVC boots are easy to assemble to the tank and provide a streamline profile for tank racks or double cylinder set-ups.

178 mmm Diameter Boot for Faber Steel Tanks Features

  • 178 mm (7 inch) Diameter to suit Faber Steel 12.2L Standard, 10.5L and 9.0L Cylinders
  • All Scuba Cylinders Need Tank Boot
  • Protect the Cylinders Lower Surface from Damage
  • Steel Cylinders Round Bottom: Allows Tank to Stand-Up
  • Easy Mounting of Dive Rig
  • Specially Made for Faber Steel Cylinders
  • Self-Draining Design
  • Construction: Flexible PVC
  • Streamline Profile for Tank Racks or Double Cylinder Set-Ups

Cylinder Boot Installation

If you're buying a tank at the same time, we'll install it for you — simply ask in your notes section at checkout.

If you are going to install it yourself, put the boot in very hot water to soften it up, then install it by dropping the tank securely into the boot until it reaches the bottom.

TOP TIP: Remove your cylinder boots every 3 months and wash the base of the cylinder and the boot to prevent unwanted corrosion.

(11/16 LRB)

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