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Dolphin Tech Rubber Cylinder Hose Retainer Bands - Small 134mm

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  • Model: IST-SBR2-B-1
  • Brand: Dolphin Tech

Product Description

The Small size Dolphin Tech Rubber Cylinder Hose Retainer Bands, one with a Pull Tab, keep regulator hoses on your stage, deco and sidemount tanks tidily arranged until required. Sold as a pair (two).

These regulator hose retainers are for use on dive cylinders 134 mm (5.25 inch) in diameter.

Over the years, divers have tried countless do-it-yourself methods for keeping stage and deco regulator hoses under control. Rubber band or inner tube sections can be difficult to grip. Rubber surgical tubing oxidises rapidly and wears out quickly. Shock cord can be difficult to fasten securely. Surgical tubing and shock cord roll along the side of the tank, making them difficult to manage. Dolphin Tech Rubber Cylinder Hose Retainers with Pull Tabs offer a superior alternative for keeping hoses under control.

Using the proven durability of EPDM rubber, these 25 mm (1 inch) wide hose retainers will withstand the test of time and diving environments with their resistance to temperature, salt, chlorine, and anything else your diving environment has to offer. EPDM rubber maintains its elasticity thru extreme heat and cold, and will not slip on your scuba cylinder when a regulator hose is being stowed or deployed.

A 50 mm (2 inch) nylon pull tab makes it easy to stretch the hose retainer, even with dive gloves on.

Small Dolphin Tech Rubber Cylinder Hose Retainer Band Features

  • Keep stage, deco and sidemount hoses under control
  • Made from 25 mm (1 inch) wide EPDM with 50 mm (2 inch) nylon pull tab
  • Resistance to temperature, salt, sun and chlorine
  • Maintains elasticity thru extreme heat and cold
  • Fits dive cylinders 134 mm (5.25 inch) in diameter

Tech Tip: Looping Hoses Under Hose Retainers

A diver who carelessly stuffs the hose (especially a long hose) under a retainer near the base, when clipping the cylinder to their harness is more likely to inadvertently pass the base clip and strap through a loop of the hose. If they later try to deploy the long hose, it's snagged by the base of the strap and clip, and the full length cannot be deployed until the base is unclipped. Using two retainers and positioning the hose retainer high keeps the second stage more tightly tucked up against the valve and very tidy.

(04/21 LRB)