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  • Cressi Air Crystal Mask - Discontinued

Cressi Air Crystal Mask - Discontinued

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  • Model: DS4000**
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983068039

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Product Description

The Cressi Air Crystal Mask has a particular tapered structure derived directly from the highly popular Nano mask patent. The dual integrated frame technology system allows you to join the silicone skirt to the lens frame without major interruption of the curvature continuity. The result is a mask with an extremely hydrodynamic shape with excellent visibility in a significantly smaller size.

The field of view obtained is particularly wide, laterally and in the lower zone of vision (downward). The front part of the skirt, has a structural silicone insert which increases the sealing ability of the mask. Cressi's Crystal Silicone is an exclusive Cressi material that's so clear the mask's skirt is virtually invisible when diving. This revolutionary mask is made from crystal clear hypoallergenic high seal soft silicone rubber, a new material that offers extraordinary and unprecedented comfort and fit. This unique rubber also reduces premature discoloration and helps prevent mask fogging.

The Cressi Air Crystal Mask is equipped with Cressi's swiveling micrometric easy adjust buckles and has a wide anatomical silicone rubber split style designed mask strap for even dispersion of pressure for increased fit and comfort. The Mask has an easy-to-reach one-hand nose pocket for ear equalisation which can be utilised even when wearing thick gloves.

The Cressi Air Crystal Mask has two tempered glass lenses and is a low volume design. Mask also features a double feathered edge skirt and comes with a protective mask box.

Cressi Air Crystal Mask Features

  • Tapered Structure from Highly Popular Nano Mask Patent
  • Dual Integrated Frame Technology System
  • Frame: Joins Silicone Skirt to Lens Frame without Interruption of Curvature Continuity
  • Extremely Hydrodynamic Shape
  • Excellent Visibility in Significantly Smaller Size
  • Field of View: Particularly Wide, Laterally and in Lower Zone of Vision (downward)
  • Front of Skirt: Structural Silicone Insert Increases Sealing Ability
  • Cressi Black Silicone Skirt:
    Exclusive Cressi Soft Crystal Silicone Material
    100% Hypoallergenic Crystal Clear High Seal Silicone Skirt
    So Clear Virtually Invisible when Diving
    Reduces Premature Discoloration and Helps Prevent Fogging
  • Double Feathered Edged Skirt for a Great Seal and Comfort
  • Wide Split Silicone Mask Strap for Comfort and Fit
  • Low Internal Volume Design
  • Unprecedented Comfort and Fit
  • Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalisation
  • Swiveling Micrometric Easy Adjust Buckles
  • Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Protective Mask Box

Clear skirt - All Black frame,
Clear skirt - Black and Blue frame,
Clear skirt - Black and Lilac frame.
Clear skirt - Black and Pink frame,
Clear skirt - Black and White frame,
Clear skirt - Black and Yellow frame,
Clear skirt - Blue and White frame.

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