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Cressi Pinocchio Mask

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  • Model: DN210000
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983002316

Product Description

The Cressi Pinocchio Mask has a real cult following, being the most famous mask in the world and virtually unchanged since its creation. People often like to cling to equipment with which they are familiar, even after something obviously better has comes along. That's why Cressi still makes the Pinocchio mask, so-called because in 1952 it was the first diving mask to include a compartment for the nose, and thus allow mask-clearing.

Small size, excellent face seal, low internal volume, good visibility.

The Cressi Pinocchio Mask was the first mask that came with a special lodging for the nose, making compensation possible. Adored by entire diving generations all over the world, its design was so advanced at the time it was launched on the market, that it is still valid today, more than sixty years down the track.

This old fashioned, retro classic Cressi Pinocchio Mask is the only Cressi mask made from natural rubber.

The Cressi Pinocchio Mask is a single-lens plate design masquerading as a twin-lens mask. A metal clip keeps the top and bottom from spreading apart and distorting the mask frame. The mask straps are attached directly to the skirt via old-fashioned metal buckles.

Colour: Black skirt, Black frame

(11/16 LRB)