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Tovatec Universal Hand Strap

$49.00  $44.00
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  • Model: INT-UHS
  • Brand: Tovatec
  • UPC: 863178000162

Product Description

Having the use of your hands when diving makes diving easier and safer. The Tovatec Universal Hand Strap fits all new Tovatec Fusion 1000/530/260 lights, Sports Tac, Compact, Ultra III, IFL WA Zoom-R, IFL660-R, or lights up to 5.1 cm (2 inch) diameter. Strap is made from soft and comfortable webbing materials with hook and loop hand and light fasteners.

Tovatec Universal Hand Strap Features

  • Allows Hands Free Use of Light
  • Hold a Reel and Light in 1 Hand
  • Use Both Hands for Bagging Lobster
  • Great for Wreck or Cave Diving
  • 2 Adjustable Hook and Loop Hand and Light Straps for Custom Fit
  • Made from Soft and Comfortable Webbing Materials
  • Compatible with Lights Up to 5.1 cm (2 inch) Diameters
  • Fits Tovatec Lights:
    Fusion 1000/530/260 Lights
    Sports Tac
    Compact Ultra III
    IFL WA Zoom-R

(11/16 LRB)