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Cressi Wire Fish Stringer - Large S/S

$28.00  $26.50
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  • Model: SL-FISTR2
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 9349182005771

Product Description

The Large Stainless Steel Cressi Wire Fish Stringer comes complete with a 2 mm stainless steel cable which has a swivel on the end. The Cressi Wire Fish Stringer features a 7 mm tricut point pin, which also doubles as a fish killing spike.

The idea of the wire stringer is to have it connected to your float. Once you have caught the fish, you swim back to your float, thread the stringer through the fish mouth and out of its gill. This will then keep the fish at your float until you are ready to get out of the water. When spearfishing you should never keep dead fish on yourself as this makes you a target for other hungry fish!

(11/16 LRB)