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Cressi Inflatable Competition Spearfishing Float - 18L

$99.00  $94.00
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  • Model: SL-TORPFI
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 9349182005399

Product Description

The Cressi 18 Litre Inflatable Competition Spearfishing Float XL is made from tough 420 denier. This is the best value inflatable float on the market today, as it is extremely durable.

Being inflatable, you can deflate the Cressi 18 Litre Inflatable Spearfishing Float to store away easily. Then when you need it, it will blow up to a large size.

It is a high visibility yellow colour for easy viewing, and comes with an Alpha Dive Flag to conform to Australian standards. The weight pocket on the bottom of the float is designed to put a small 1 lb or 2 lb flat weight into, therefore keeping the flag facing upwards for others to see.

A spearfishing float is super important to have when spearfishing for a couple of reasons. First and most important is for other boat owners to identify that you are in the water and then they can keep clear.

Another reason is more for your peace of mind from losing your gun. Imagine you shoot a large pelagic fish and it starts giving a fight, you run out of air and let go of your gun... it's gone! You will never see that gun again. However, if it's connected to a float rope, which is in turn connected to your Cressi Inflatable Spearfishing Float, you can let go of your gun to get some air, then find your float, and find your gun!

Every spearo should have a float in their spearfishing gear bag. This surface buoy is also great for use when scuba diving or freediving to let those on the surface know where you are.

Cressi Inflatable Competition Spearfishing Float 18 Litre Features

  • Must Have for Scuba Divers, Spear Fishers, Snorkelers and Free Divers
  • Durable 420 Denier Fabric
  • Colour: Hi-Visibility Fluro Yellow
  • Tapered (Torpedo Shape) Front of Float, Reduce Drag, Moves Thru-Water More Efficiently
  • Alpha Dive Flag to Conform to Australian Standards
  • Stainless Steel D-Ring On-Front of Buoy
  • Auxiliary D-Rings Located Around Buoy
  • Oral Inflator for Inflation/Deflation
  • Bottom Weight Pouch Helps Stabilise Float and Keeps It Upright While On The Surface
  • Side Webbing Carry Handle for Transport

(10/20 LRB)