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Cressi Reaction EBS Fins - Open Heel with Bungee Straps

BE09**** 12/22
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The Cressi Reaction Fins with Elastic Bungee System (EBS) is the most recent Cressi open heel adjustable strap fin. The Cressi Reaction EBS Fins are a high performance, lightweight dive fin aimed towards scuba divers, but are a good choice for snorkelers and freedivers as well.

The Cressi Reaction EBS is an innovative fin in look and performance. The Cressi Reaction is moulded using the exclusive and patented Cressi system with 3 materials. The three materials consist of a comfortable thermo-rubber (elastomer) anatomic, computer-designed foot pocket. The foot pocket encompasses the foot assuring transmission of the leg-to-fin thrust without loss of energy, adding efficiency to the fining action.

The second material is the revolutionary new dual density (techno polymer) polypropylene which forms the blade, and in conjunction with the third silicone based material creates a channeling effect. The channeling effect is the characteristic of the fin that enables a high level of energy to be transferred in both up and down strokes of the kick pattern. The blade originates from the upper part of the foot pocket, with a 20% increase in useful surface area compared to a traditional fin of the same length. The blade also has a differentiated thickness and gets thinner towards the edge to guarantee greater and more uniform bending.

The side stringers are made from two different materials that alternate with each other and overlap in different zones to obtain a structure with controlled flexibility in the different areas of the blade. A new heel strap design, exclusive to Cressi the Elastic Bungee System (EBS) makes use of a round bungee cord band that accommodates all foot sizes for a perfect fit. The EBS strap features an anti corrosive rubber coated bungee, and an extra large heel grab loop. This allows for donning and doffing even with thick diving gloves. The best feature of the Bungee design is that it will always stay conformed to your foot no matter your depth by counteracting the neoprene compression of your boots. The EBS strap is guaranteed to give you unparalleled comfort and forget-about-it adjusting.

To all these excellent features, the Cressi Reaction EBS adds a new, longer, more flexible and lighter blade that provides excellent thrust with minimum muscle fatigue and the smallest expenditure of energy. The Cressi Reaction EBS Fin Blade measure 58.4 cm to 70.1 cm (23" to 27.6") in length and weigh 751.3 g to 1,151 g (26.5 oz to 40.6 oz) depending on size, are available in multiple sizes.

Cressi Reaction EBS Open Heel Fins Features

  • Cressi Reaction EBS Open Heel Fins
  • Non-Vented Fin Design
  • Revolutionary Blade Three-Material Construction
  • Foot Pocket: Thermo-Rubber Elastomer
  • Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene
  • Channels: Silicone Based Material
  • Patented Foot Pocket Design Increases Blade Area by 20%
  • Dual Density Techno Polymer Blade Provides Power
  • Silicone Based Blade Inserts Provides Channeling
  • Easy, Nearly Effortless Kick
  • Snap Blade for High Efficiency
  • Shock and Abrasion Resistant
  • Soft and Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Combine's Lightness, Thrust, Comfort and Durability
  • Elastic Bungee System (EBS):
    Easy to Use and No Adjustments Needed
    Large Grab Tab Loop, Easy Donning and Doffing
    Grab Tab Loop: Works Well with Heavy Gloves
    Extremely Comfortable, Depth Compensating Design
    Forget-About-It Adjusting
    Construction: Rubber Bungee and Plastic Buckles
  • Blade Dimensions: (L x W) 58.4 cm to 70.1 cm (23" to 27.6"), Size Dependent
  • Weight: 751.3 g to 1,151 g (26.5 oz to 40.6 oz), Size Dependent
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colours

Cressi Reaction EBS Fin Size Chart



Length Blade
XS/S 5-6 6-7 23.50 18.72 7.88 1.69
S/M 7-8 8-9 24.63 19.7 8.39 1.86
M/L 8-9 9-10 26.20 20.88 8.87 2.25
L/XL 10-11 11-12 27.78 22.46 9.38 2.51

Note: These are general guidelines only, sizes are not guaranteed.
Cressi Reaction EBS Fin Size Cart

Colours and Sizes:

  • Blue and Azure - XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL
  • Black and Silver - XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL
  • White and Pale Pink - XS/S, S/M
  • White and Lilac - XS/S, S/M
  • Yellow and Silver - XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL

Note: Not all sizes are available in all colours. Please be careful when you make your selection to get a colour and size combination that is available. Or email or call us to check.

Current Colour/Size Combination Available:

  Blue / Azure Black / Silver White / Pink White / Lilac Yellow / Silver

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