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  • Cressi Ultralight T10-SC Travel Pro Scuba Gear Package

Cressi Ultralight T10-SC Travel Pro Scuba Gear Package

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  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983068183

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Product Description

This multiple award winning, lightweight Cressi scuba diving package is ideal for the experienced travelling diver who wants the best. This ultimate performance, functional and lightweight dive package includes:

Wherever you travel in the world, this lightweight BC, Reg and Dive Computer package will deliver streamlined buoyancy and ultimate breathing performance for the most demanding diver.

Cressi Ultralight Rear Inflation BCD

The Cressi Ultralight BCD is a back inflation style buoyancy control device that is extremely lightweight weighing in at a mere 2 kg (4.4 lb) in size medium making it irreplaceable for the traveling diver. This rear inflation style BC combines low weight, quality, safety and key features to give you the perfect solution for your dive travel needs. It's available in both Men and Lady versions.

Travel BCs Scubalab Travel BCs Best Buy 2016 plus Testers Choice 2016
You don't expect a lot of frills in a travel BC that weighs barely 5 pounds, so no surprise that the Cressi Ultralight has just a few plastic D-rings and one drop-down cargo pocket. But when it came to performance, the Ultralight turned out to be a heavyweight. Despite its stripped-down, packable design, with a flexible back plate and single-tank cam band, testers gave it top scores for comfort and stability. It was rock-solid underwater, with no tank wobble or shifting, and divers gave it an excellent score for its surface floating position — not usually a strong point for lightweight back-inflation BCs. More surprising was the Cressi Ultralight's comfort, thanks to nicely shaped and padded shoulder straps and backpad. The integrated weights were a snap to load and release, and the buttons on the ergonomic inflator were in just the right places. And the few frills were well-chosen, like the right shoulder exhaust and the adjustable sternum strap. Along with taking top scores in most categories, the Ultralight was among every test diver's top two favourites. It is both the Testers Choice and Best Buy in the Travel category.

The Cressi Ultralight BCD is the lightest BCD on the market!

Great for travel with its fast fold system, designed for travel, and easily adjusted for a custom fit with the torso, sternum and waist straps all equipped with squeeze-style side release buckles. It's equipped with special anatomical shoulder straps with 40 mm (1.73") torso adjustable buckles and a comfortable and practical soft back pad.

The Cressi Ultralight BCD has a Lock Aid flat version integrated weight system, hideaway pocket for accessories, and its air cell is made from durable urethane laminated 420 denier nylon. The Lock Aid flat version integrated weight system holds up to 9.1 kg (20 lb) of hard block or soft weights.

BCD comes equipped with Cressi's streamline Commando Power Inflator with cable activated pull dump valve and 3/8" threaded quick disconnect hose. Shoulder overpressure relief valve with pull cord is provided for trimming of buoyancy. The inflator mechanism is environmentally sealed for greater reliability and less maintenance. 4-lightweight plastic D-rings are provided for accessory attachment.

The Cressi Ultralight BCD, has black trim. It's available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

For lady divers there is the Cressi Ultralight Lady BCD, with a cut to better suit women featuring lilac trim. It's available in sizes XS, S and M.

Cressi Ultralight BCD Key Features:

  • Back Inflator BCD Design for improved trim and stability
  • Extremely Lightweight: 2 kg (4.6 lb), Size Medium
  • Irreplaceable for the Travelling Diver
  • Lightest BCD on the Market!
  • Fast Fold System, Designed for Travel
  • Special Anatomical Shoulder Straps
  • Comfortable and Practical Soft Back Pad
  • Lock Aid Flat Version Integrated Weight System
  • Hideaway Pocket for Accessories
  • CE Certified to EN 250-EN 1809 Standards

Cressi Ultralight Mens BCD Size Chart

Size Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Weight (kg)
M 100-110 95-105 75-85
L 105-115 100-110 80-100
XL 115-125 110-120 110-120

Cressi Ultralight Mens BCD Lift Capacity

Buoyancy XS S M L XL
Pound 20.2 20.2 20.2 33.7 33.7
Kilogram 9.2 9.2 9.2 15.3 15.3
Newton 90 90 90 150 150

Cressi Ultralight Lady BCD Size Chart

  Chest Weight
Size cm inch kg lbs
M / 3 85-105 37-41 65-85 143-187

Cressi Ultralight Lady BCD Lift Capacity

Buoyancy XS S M
Pound 20.2 20.2 20.2
Kilogram 9.2 9.2 9.2
Newton 90 90 90

To take the chest measurement, place tape under arm and measure around the fullest part of your chest.

Cressi Newton Titanium Nitrox Watch Dive Computer

With a case diameter of just 48 mm, the Cressi Newton Titanium is a truly compact dive watch computer. It's also the ideal tool out of the water as well, thanks to the option to deactivate the Dive program to prevent needless alarms or consumption while snorkeling, swimming, or just everyday use.

The Cressi Newton is packed with great features for the travelling diver. It handles two Nitrox mixes, has a multi-day RGBM algorithm, logs 60 dives, and has a user changeable battery. In watch mode it supports two time zones, plus has a calendar and alarm.

Cressi Newton Titanium Nitrox Watch Dive Computer Features:

  • Elegant, Small and Compact Design
  • Watch: Two Time Zones, Calendar and Alarm
  • Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes
  • Handles Two Nitrox Mixtures
    From 21% to 50% for the first mixture
    From 21% to 99% for the second mixture
  • Graphic CNS oxygen toxicity indicator
  • Deep Stops and Multi-Day RGBM Algorithm
  • Log book for 70 hour or 60 dive capacity
  • User Replaceable Battery
  • Five year warranty

Cressi T10-SC Master DIN Regulator Set with Octopus

Complete combo regulator set comprising Cressi T10-SC DIN first stage regulator, Cressi Master Ellipse second stage regulator, plus a Cressi Octopus Ellipse second stage regulator. This high-end Cressi regulator package, with its environmentally sealed first stage, has been designed for the more extreme diving environments, but it's equally suitable for warmer waters. This regulator set delivers outstanding flow rates and superior resistance to freezing, plus it's extremely comfortable to use, all essential qualities for any regulator to be used in cold and temperate waters, or overseas.

Cressi T10-SC Master DIN Regulator Set Features:

  • High Performance Design
  • Hyper balanced 1st stage diaphragm design
  • Secondary diaphragm with sealed chamber
  • 2 x HP ports and 4 x LP ports
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage design
  • Adjustable breathing effort
  • Venturi dive/predive switch
  • EN250/2014 certification for cold water

Cressi Mini Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) Console

Small and durable, the Cressi-sub Mini Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) is housed in a marine brass metal case and protected by a small, modern shaped gauge boot console.

Cressi Mini SPG Features:

  • Small and Compact
  • Chrome Plated Brass Case
  • 0 to 350 bars Readout
  • Unique Glass Lens Pressure Relief Valve
  • Luminescent Colour Coded Dial

(06/19 LRB)

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