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Sonar Assembly Screw - Stainless Steel (1PC)

$22.00  $19.00
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  • Model: WMD-UA-21S
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Stainless Steel Assembly Screws are used for attaching various accessories, such as lift bag pouches, suit inflation mounting systems and sidemount buttplates, to an OMS IQ Pack or Dive Rite TransPac harness, or to a hard backplate. Designed to fit through a 3/8-inch hole, the stainless steel bookscrews include O-rings to help keep the screw in place.

This is a two-part book screw made from premium, high-quality, heavy-duty, marine grade stainless steel specifically for use in marine diving applications. Sold as one piece.

(04/17 LRB)