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Best Divers Talco Mineral Talcum Powder

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  • Model: BD-AI1030/SE
  • Brand: Best Divers

Product Description

Best Divers Talco Mineral Talcum Powder is suitable for the protection and maintenance of latex and rubber parts of wetsuits and drysuits for diving.

Specially formulated to lubricate latex neck and/or wrist seals, to assist getting in and out of any drysuit featuring latex seals. This Best Divers Talco Mineral Talcum Powder should also be applied to 'dry' seals, prior to storage, to help extend the life of your drysuits latex seals.

Back in the 50s and early 60s divers used nylon, open cell, wet suits. The only way you could put one on was with talcum powder. We now have nylon lined, plush lined wet suits and dry suits which are supposed to eliminate the need for powder! Right! We still find it tough to put on even a thin 3 mm suit on a rolling deck or on hot beach sand.

Best Divers Talco Mineral Talcum Powder can still make any suit go on easier. Pour some down your suit legs and see how your legs glide through the suit when you put it on. Don't forget the arms!

This powder is unscented mineral talcum powder to ease donning the wetsuit or drysuit, and for standard storage of the seals between dives. Using powder not only makes donning your suit easier, it will protect the suit from extreme stress from over stretching.

Best Divers Talco Mineral Talcum Powder comes in a convenient 125 g container.

Best Divers Talco Mineral Talcum Powder Features

  • Makes Donning Drysuits and Wetsuits Easier
  • Relieves Extreme Stress from Stretching
  • Pure Unscented Mineral Talcum Powder
  • Use in Arms and Legs of Suit
  • Great for standard Storage of Suit Seals Between Dives
  • Convenient 125 g Container
  • Made in Italy


Take away the protective strip from the cup and turn it counter clockwise in order to open the holes. Spread uniformly on the surface, previously wiped and cleaned to protect. Remove with a damp cloth the talcum layer before using it again.

(12/16 LRB)