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Intova ConneX Bare Wire DC Cable


  • Brand: Intova
  • UPC: 814002012103

Product Description

The Intova ConneX Bare Wire DC cable is an optional adaptor accessory that allows connection between a 12V DC external power source, such as a boat battery, and an Intova ConneX VGA or HD cable. The adaptor comes with a 5.5 mm OD / 2.5 mm pin-hole male power-out plug on one end to connect to the female power-in plug of the Intova ConneX cable and two bare wires on the other end for connection to a battery.

ATTENTION: Connection polarity is very important. Reversing the polarity can damage the camera circuits and is NOT covered under warranty. Red wire is POWER (+), Black wire is GROUND (-).

WARNING: DANGER OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Disconnect incoming power when attaching or removing bare wire adaptor.

(12/16 LRB)