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  • Ocean Pro Turtle Junior Mask Snorkel Fin Set (7-13 yrs) - DISC

Ocean Pro Turtle Junior Mask Snorkel Fin Set (7-13 yrs) - DISC

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  • Model: AUP-MSFTU1-4**
  • Brand: Ocean Pro

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Product Description

With the Ocean Pro Turtle Kids Mask Snorkel and Fin Set you won't be able to keep your kids out of the water this summer. It combines the OceanPro Turtle fin, mask and snorkel with a robust snorkelling bag for a feature packed junior set that will help your kids to easily explore the underwater world. It's the ideal package for any child, or early teenager, between 7 to 13 years of age, whether a confident snorkeler or simply starting out.

Please Note: This is a Discontinued Line. We only have 1 x Pink and 2 x Blue left in stock as of 05-Dec-19.

Designed especially for kids the Ocean Pro Turtle Mask, Snorkel and Fins Set is ideal for those young nippers wanting one with the lot. Traditionally kids have struggled to get a correct and watertight fit out of adult size gear which can lead to serious problems with comfort, safety and in-water confidence. The Ocean Pro Turtle Mask Snorkel Fin set provides the perfect solution to solve these problems.

The Ocean Pro Turtle Junior Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set for kids represents outstanding value for money and has been a popular selling package for children. This proven product is highly effective in ensuring a good fit and providing the fun and successful snorkelling opportunities for children that parents look for to encourage their children's confidence in the water.

Ocean Pro Turtle Mask

The Turtle Mask is especially made narrower to accommodate for children's smaller faces and ensures a correct seal that won’t leak and let water in. In addition, because the mask is made from the same high quality 100% silicone that you would expect to see on an expensive adult scuba diver's mask, you can be assured of a high quality and hassle free fitting.

Ocean Pro Turtle Snorkel

The Turtle Snorkel has also been designed especially for children and includes a smaller mouthpiece that will fit comfortably in their smaller mouths. But it doesn't stop just there, even the bore of the snorkel barrel has been made especially for children by incorporating a smaller circumference barrel that caters for their smaller lung volume and strength and allows children to easily draw air through the snorkel. Then to top it all off, the Turtle Snorkel also includes a protective splash top which reduces the potential for water entering down the top of the Snorkel. Whilst the top of the snorkel is bright red to aid Mum and Dad being able to keep an eye out while the kids are in the water.

Ocean Pro Turtle Fins

Taking care of business in the propulsion department, are the Ocean Pro Turtle Open Heel Fins are fully adjustable for the perfect fit. They include a neoprene padded cushion for extra comfort and to prevent chaffing whilst your in the water. One other great advantage of a barefoot, open heel designed fin for kids is that they will allow for the size changes as kids get bigger as they grow up.

Great quality and well priced, the Oceanpro Turtle Kids Snorkeling Set will put a smile on your child's face this summer! the set is packaged in a re-usable carry bag.

OceanPro Turtle Kids Mask Snorkel Fin Set Features

  • Combines the high quality Ocean Pro Turtle fin, mask and snorkel
  • Adjustable open heel snorkeling fin with comfort heel strap
  • Packaged in a re-usable snorkelling backpack bag with carry strap
  • One fin size fits most size 1-4 child feet
  • For children, or early teenagers, between 7 to 13 years of age

Fin Size: The one size fits size 1-4 child feet.

OceanPro Turtle Junior Mask Snorkel Fin Set Colours:
Available in Blue or Pink

(12/16 LRB)