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  • Apollo Bio Full Face Mask

Apollo Bio Full Face Mask

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  • Model: MA009**
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

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Product Description

The Apollo Bio Full Face Mask has been designed with superior vision in mind and additionally incorporates a high performance regulator for underwater construction and surveys, technical and military diving applications.

The Apollo Bio Full Face Mask can be supplied with your choice of a Hookah or Scuba Intermediate Pressure (IP) setup, and your choice of a black rubber or black silcone mask skirt.

Apollo Bio Full Face Mask Features:

  • Designed to minimise internal volume, and maximise the field of vision
  • The regulator cannot be pulled away from the full-face mask as its fixed with a robust stainless steel plate (Built to EN140 Standard)
  • The mask is equipped with an SBV (Surface Breathing Valve) on the left hand side
  • A lens demisting device is installed next to the right hand lens
  • The mask flange is manufactured using NBR (Nitrile Rubber or Buna N) an oil-resistant synthetic rubber. This material has proven resilience against many contaminants and a high tear strength
  • Unlike standard 2nd stages, the Apollo Bio Full-Face Mask unique design incorporates a fully sealed system between the exhaust valve and retainer that prevents any micro leaks
  • The Apollo Bio Full Face Mask allows user to easily install various attachments such as magnifier or protective welding lens or perhaps a mask light
  • Two ports on each side of the mask allow easy attachment of communication devices

The integrated mask is based on the famous Apollo Bio Metal Mask design and delivers the worlds best field of vision. Furthermore, this low volume ergonomically designed mask achieves the lowest dead space volume therefore reducing air consumption and C02 build-up.

The low distance between the eye and lens delivers an unparalleled field of vision.

Apollo Bio Full Face Mask Specifications

Items Specifications
Mask Body Material NBR Brass Stainless
Connection strength mask to regulator Withstands 300N(30kgf) of force for 10 sec without compromising the connection. (Built to EN140 standards)
Attachment point
Temple x 2 (mask frame)
Brow x 1 (mask frame)
Cheek x 2 (mask body)
Drainage / Exhaust
Set up below the chin for efficient drainage. Not used for CWD (Contaminated Water Diving)
2nd Stage Material ABS PC Brass NBR
Exhaust part Regulator 2nd Stage is oil-resistant, with airtight performance.
Others Features Adjustable 2nd Stage flow function.
Water repellent ultra water-repellent plating.
QDC (Quick Disconnect Coupling) with automatic safety lock

Apollo Bio Full Face Mask Model Options

The Apollo Bio Full Face Mask is available with a choice of a black rubber or black silicone mask skirt.

You can choose to have the 2nd Stage regulator configured for a Hookah setup with an Intermediate Pressure (IP) of 80 to 110 psi, or as a standard Scuba IP setup.

Thus your choices are:
Black Rubber skirt, Scuba (MA00900)
Black Silicone skirt, Hookah (MA00905)
Black Silicone skirt, Scuba (MA00910)
Black Silcone skirt, Hookah (MA00915)

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