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  • Suunto DX Watch Dive Computer - Silver Elastomer + Transmitter

Suunto DX Watch Dive Computer - Silver Elastomer + Transmitter

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  • Model: SS021116000 + SS019098000
  • Brand: Suunto
  • EAN: 6417084203434

Product Description

The Suunto DX watch-sized dive computer with Silver Elastomer strap, USB cable, and Wireless Tank Transmitter, built on the award-winning Suunto D9tx platform, is the ultimate tool for open circuit and rebreather divers. It's the very first of its kind to feature CCR compatibility. The premium design and materials, combined with the new superior Suunto Fused™ RGBM, make it the must-have instrument for your dive missions and everyday adventures. Are you ready to conquer new territory?

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The Suunto DX is certainly not the cheapest dive computer available, but it will stay useful through your diving lifetime, from diving on air, to nitrox (with eight gas switches), all the way to trimix. It's got a compass too, to help you find your way. Plus it is small and versatile enough to be worn every day as your wristwatch.

Suunto DX Introduction.

Suunto DX Watch Dive Computer with Silver Elastomer Strap, USB Cable and Transmitter Features

For All Diving:

  • New, advanced Suunto Fused™ RGBM for CCR, technical and recreational diving
  • Trimix support including helium and oxygen
  • Gas switching between up to eight gases
  • 3D tilt-compensated digital compass
  • Five modes: CCR, air, mixed gas, gauge, and off
  • Wireless air integration
  • Built-in dive planner
  • Detailed graphical logs and dive data on your computer using Suunto DM4 software

For Rebreather Diving:

  • A setpoint, non-monitoring dive computer with dedicated CCR mode
  • Configure up to 3 different diluents
  • Adjustable high and low setpoints, as well as custom setpoint during dive
  • Automatic setpoints switching at specified depths
  • Possibility to switch to open circuit mode in case of bailout

For Everyday Adventures

  • Stunning, compact design
  • Hard-wearing premium materials: titanium case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass
  • Black elastomer bracelet

Measurements: 46.8 x 46.7 x 17.3 mm - Weight 182 g
Measurements (imp): 1.84 x 1.84 x 0.68 inches - Weight 6.42 oz

Suunto Fused RGBM

The Suunto Technical RGBM allows safety and flexibility during ascent through continuous decompression, giving us the ability to perform dives up to 120 meters safely. By combining this algorithm with the Full RGBM (designed for dives up 150m) Suunto has created the new and unique Suunto Fused RGBM.

This is not a dual algorithm, but one where no input by the diver is needed, an algorithm that would respond to all exposures, that seamlessly adjusts to your dive and ultimately ensures you have a maximised bottom time with decreased decompression time.
This is the Suunto Fused RGBM.

A Full Member of the D-Series

  • Same design and dimensions as D9tx
  • Same hardware
  • Same familiar user interface
  • Same USB Cable

Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter LED Features

  • Monitor tank pressure and air consumption data wirelessly from dive computer
  • Air Time Remaining (ATR):
    Dive Computer Calculates Current Depth, Tank Pressure, Breathing Rate, Ascent Time, and Decompression Status
    Tells Exact Time Diver Can Remain Underwater
    Displays ATR via Numerical Bar Graph
    Display ATR in Oversized Digits
  • Easy Installation and Connection
  • Threads to 1st Stage Regulator 7/6" HP Port
  • Green blinking LED light indicates when the transmitter is on (sending data packets to the dive computer)
  • Battery life approximately 2 years (at 100 dives per year)

Download/read the Suunto DX User Guide (PDF, 92 pages, 1 Mb)

Suunto Warranty:

  • The International Limited Warranty Period starts at the date of original retail purchase.
  • The Warranty Period is five (5) years for failures attributable to the depth measurement (pressure) sensor on Suunto Dive Computers.
  • The Warranty Period is two (2) years for Dive Products and Dive transmitters unless otherwise specified.
  • The Warranty Period is one (1) year for accessories including but not limited to wireless sensors, chargers, cables, rechargeable batteries, straps, bracelets and hoses.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

Confused about Decompression Algorithms?

There is a lot of talk about the benefits and problems associated with various diving decompression algorithms. In this video, Dr. Bruce Wienke, the respected creator of the decompression software used in the Suunto dive computers and many other brands, discusses the key differences between Suunto's Fused RGBM and the open-source Buhlmann GF model.

There are people who criticise the Suunto Fused RGBM model saying it forces them to spend extra time in the water compared to a dive computer using the Buhlmann GF model. Not so. You can adjust the conservatism of the Suunto software. Make it more aggressive for less time decompressing, or even more conservative. The choice is yours.

There are people who complain that the Deep Stops feature of the Suunto software holds them up when diving with buddies whose dive computers don't support deep stops. Then turn it off. Deep Stops are an optional setting. You don't have to do them.

In a recent test, a boatload of technical and rebreather divers with dive computers using the Buhlmann GF model were given Suunto Eon Core dive computers to take on their long deco dives. They all said that they wouldn't wait for the Suunto, that they'd dive as their own Buhlmann GF model dive computer told them to. Based on the myths they had heard, some divers said that this would mean that they'd thus be locking the Suunto Eon Core out and that the Eon Cores wouldn't be able to be used the next day.

Well the settings of each Suunto Eon Core was adjusted to match the aggressiveness or conservatism of the Buhlmann GF settings each diver was using. Dives completed and back on the boat, not one Suunto Eon Core had locked out. Every Suunto Eon Core had closely matched the other dive computer throughout the dive. Myth busted!

We sell dive computers that use the Buhlmann GF model, and ones that use the Suunto Fused RGBM model. Take your pick. Just don't base your pick on the misinformation and myths that are out there about these diving algorithms.

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