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Dolphin Tech K Inflator with Hose for Tech BCD Wings

$175.00  $139.00
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  • Model: IST-IF-TECH/13/16/19/22
  • Brand: Dolphin Tech

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Product Description

The Dolphin Tech Power Inflator complete with your choice of 13, 16, 19 or 22 inch corrugated inflator hose and elbow connector for BCDs and Wings is simple, reliable and low profile.

This complete assembly is a replacement for the inflator hose assembly on Dolphin Tech wings, plus those of many other brands. The choice of four corrugated hose lengths enables you to customise your setup to your requirements.

The standard tech inflator has no superfluous parts and its elbow connection keeps the BCD or Wing as streamlined as possible.

The corrugated inflator hose lengths available are: 13" (33 cm), 16" (40 cm), 19" (48 cm) or 22" (56 cm).

(03/17 LRB)