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Best Divers Weight Carry Bag

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  • Model: BD-AV0650
  • Brand: Best Divers

Product Description

The Best Divers Weight Carry Bag is designed to carry your heavy diving weights and weight belts. It allows you to carry your weights separately, which decreases the stress on your dive gear bags. The bag holds as much as 30 kg (66 lb) of diving weights.

Whether you rent or own your own lead weights transporting them can be a hassle. You can't keep them in your BCD weight pockets without running the risk of damaging other more delicate equipment in your scuba, freediving or spearfishing gear bag, not to mention the heaviness of the bag. Get the lead out! The Best Divers Weight Carry Bag was designed specifically for carrying diving weights.

Big chunky handles make carrying lead more comfortable and become strong webbing loops that can take the weight of your lead. The mesh is also tough, but allows your lead to dry properly. Shot weight especially takes a long time to dry properly after a dive. You can wash your lead in the bag.

Useful for Instructors to carry spare lead to the water edge for students, or as a heavy object for search and recovery dives.

The bag is Designed to carry most Weight Integrated BC Pockets and/or Weight Belts. The Best Divers Weight Carry Bag is made with a Tough Mesh Net for Durability and Long Life, and Comfortable Carrying Handle. Bag comes in a Black colour.

Best Divers Weight Carry Bag Features

  • Designed Specifically for Diving Weights
  • Accommodates Most Weight Integrated BC Pockets
  • Easy Access, Top Load Opening
  • Comfortable Carrying Handles
  • Tough Mesh Net for Extra Durability
  • Internal Dimensions: approx 28 cm tall, 19 cm wide at the top and 23 cm wide at the bottom, 10 cm deep

Maximum weight recommended: 30 kg (66 lb)

Colour: Black

(04/17 LRB)