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Ocean Pro Rock Spike Boots - Discontinued *BELOW COST*

$79.00  $45.00
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  • Model: AUP-BORS**
  • Brand: Ocean Pro
  • EAN: 9330181007309

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Product Description

The Ocean Pro Rock Spike Boots ensure you won't loose your footing ever again. These super tough neoprene boots have been specifically engineered with rubber coated spikes on the sole of the boots to ensure you will stay upright, no matter where you may be.


Great for scuba divers scrambling over slippery rocks for a shore dive entry. A favourite for rock hopping and rock fishing. The spiked soles keep you firmly in contact with those slippery rock surfaces. Plus they provide maximum comfort and protection to the wearer.

All rock hoppers, including those that fish break walls and sea walls, should consider a set of Ocean Pro Rock Spike Boots the way a boat skipper considers life jackets crossing an unpredictable bar. You must have them, you must wear them, without fail. A pair of these rock fishing shoes could be the difference between a fun day fishing from the rocks and a day that goes down in infamy as life changing, and not in a good way.

OceanPro Rock Spike Boots Features

  • Ideal for Rock Hopping and Rock Fishing
  • Super Tough Construction Neoprene Boots
  • Spiked soles for extra grip
  • Unique Rubber Coated Spikes on the Soles of the boots ensure you will stay upright when you need to most
  • This clever sole makes the boots perfectly suited for rock fishing
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Zip up sides with Heavy Duty YKK Zip for Long Life
  • Includes a convenient, reusable mesh carry bag

Currently holding only the following US Men Sizes Left - some all black / some grey and black... if colour matters to you, phone before ordering: Only 1 x Size 7 available

(03/20 GJR)