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  • Cressi Gara 2000 HF Full Foot Fins

Cressi Gara 2000 HF Full Foot Fins

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  • Model: BH11504*
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983000671

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Product Description

The Cressi Gara 2000 HF Fin is a staple in the diving industry, and is the first fin in the industry to be manufactured using a three material moulding process. Due to its lightweight and durability, it is an excellent choice for those looking for a fin that can provide the ultimate in performance while deep free diving and spearfishing, and those looking for obtaining maximum depths. Some scuba divers also like using these fins.

Great for Freediving and Spearfishing

The Cressi Gara 2000 has the stiffest blade in the Cressi line and is an extremely comfortable full footpocket style fin, with long firm blades with built in stringers and runners to effectively direct water flow down the blade aiding in efficiency. This fin is constructed using multiple compounds bonded together to provide comfort and suppleness in the foot area and strength and rigidity in the heel and blade area. Can comfortably be worn with or without neoprene socks.

Stiff, long blade designed for maximum power when spearfishing or freediving.

The first fin in the world made by combining three different materials, a process that Cressi perfected and patented with this fin, which guarantees unsurpassable performance.

The blade is made from a special, incredibly reactive polypropylene, which is at the same time extremely light, and progressively charges up during the stride to take off like a spring at the exact moment the stride is inverted.

A soft elastomer anatomically wraps around the foot, blocking it with a comfortable bite, which guarantees perfect transmission of the leg-fin thrust.

A suitably solid copolymer hardens some critical zones of the foot, and is extended along the sides in two lateral stringers, which go halfway along the blade.

The function of these stringers, assisted by special raised bands on the bottom of the blade, is to regulate and harmonise the bending, at the same time protecting it from shocks and abrasions.

The Cressi Gara 2000 HF Fins are extraordinarily light compared to equivalent models of rubber footed fins and reduces the inertial masses to the minimum, to the full advantage of the effort-efficiency ratio. This fin is designed for deep skin-diving and freediving, although some scuba professionals and instructors appreciate it a great deal.

Cressi Gara 2000 HF Features

  • Stiff Long Blade designed for maximum depths
  • Full footpocket for comfort
  • Long blade for efficiency

Colour: Black

Size Chart

cm / inch
Length Blade
cm / inch
cm / inch
g / lb
40/41 (7/8) 84.50 / 33.29 66.00 / 26.00 21.50 / 8.47 790 / 1.74
42/43 (8/9) 86.00 / 33.88 66.00 / 26.00 21.50 / 8.47 895 / 1.97
44/45 (10/11) 87.50 / 34.48 67.50 / 26.60 22.00 / 8.67 970 / 2.14
46/47 (12/13) 89.00 / 35.07 67.50 / 26.60 22.30 / 8.79 1030 / 2.27

Special Order: This is a Special Order item from Cressi in Italy. There will be an approximate 14 to 21 day delivery delay and unfortunately this item cannot be returned or exchanged.

(10/19 LRB)

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