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  • Cressi Reaction Fins - Open Heel (Discontinued) Size XS/S & S/M

Cressi Reaction Fins - Open Heel (Discontinued) Size XS/S & S/M

$165.00  $100.00
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  • Model: BE10**** - Discontinued
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983031415

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Product Description

The Cressi Reaction Open Heel Fins take advantage of the exclusive Cressi patented technology of moulding in three materials, to guarantee unequalled performance. They are an upgrade to the long-established Rondines. However they are slightly longer, more flexible and have a lighter blade, making you more efficient and less prone to leg cramp. We especially like the no-slip polymer used on the sole, which grips the most slippery of boat decks.

Discontinued Line: Cressi are phasing out the Cressi Reaction Fins for the Reaction EBS Fins with bungee straps, thus we only have some sizes and colours left in the XS/S and the S/M Sizings. Please call to check your size and colour availability if your order is urgent.

Great for Scuba Diving

The Cressi Reaction Fins take up many of the innovative features already introduced in Rondine A: the blade that emerges right along the side of the footing, the differentiated thickness of the blade, the frames made from two materials, the sole made completely from a non-slip material, the very comfortable computer-designed housing of the foot and the innovative buckles to prevent accidental unbuckling.

To all these excellent features, Cressi Reaction Fins adds a new, longer, more flexible and lighter blade that provides excellent thrust with minimum muscle fatigue and the smallest expenditure of energy.

The result is the perfect fin for modern divers, beginners or professionals; light, easy to use, not very tiring, but fins that can also provide excellent thrust, which makes it possible to safely deal with even the most critical underwater diving situations.

Cressi Reaction Fin Features

The Cressi Reaction Fins are full of sophisticated hi-tech contents, all those ingredients to create that special cocktail, which always makes Cressi fins unbeatable.

The material chosen for the blade is not a traditional co-polymer but a new generation technical polypropylene that is a lot more reactive, flexible and trim. The blade is very long and has been designed specifically to get the best effort-propulsion ratio. The blade runs right along the side of the foot and has a useful surface area of 20% more than traditional blades on the same length fins.

The blade thickness is not constant, it gets progressively thinner towards the end to guarantee more extensive and regular bending when in stride.

The side frames are made from two separate materials that alternate and overlap in the different zones for a controlled flexibility structure in the various zones of the blade. The computer-designed foot is made completely from soft elastomers for exceptionally comfortable and firm housing of the foot, to guarantee excellent transmission of the leg-fin effort. At the same time, the wide-soled foot makes it easy to remove the foot from the fin at the end of the dive and provides excellent non-slip action, very useful when putting fins on in the dry and when departing from boats or from the shore.

The quick-release tilting buckles make it easy to find the perfect position for the strap on the heel. A system to lock the buckles into place prevents them from accidentally unbuckling, even when the strap is unhooked.

The result of all this technology are fins that offer an excellent propulsive thrust with a truly moderate effort, perfect both for beginners and for the more advanced diver. Like all Cressi fins, Reaction offers not only fine performance in normal situations, but also makes it possible to deal with emergency situations, without giving way at all when faced with the most extreme demands for thrust.

Cressi Reaction Fin Key Features:

  • Non-Vented Fin Design
  • Revolutionary Blade Three-Material Design
  • Foot Pocket: Thermo-Rubber Elastomer
  • Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene
  • Channels: Silicone Based Material
  • Patented Foot Pocket Design Increases Blade Area by 20%
  • Dual Density Techno Polymer Blade Provides Power
  • Silicone Based Blade Inserts Provides Channeling
  • Easy, Nearly Effortless Kick
  • Snap Blade for High Efficiency
  • Shock and Abrasion Resistant
  • Soft and Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Combine's Lightness, Thrust, Comfort and Durability

Size Chart



Length Blade
XS/S (5/6) 23.50 18.72 7.88 1.69
S/M (7/8) 24.63 19.7 8.39 1.86

Colours and Sizes:

  • Black and Grey - XS/S
  • Yellow and Silver - XS/S, S/M
  • Clear and Pale Pink - S/M
  • Clear and Yellow - XS/S
  • White and Lilac - S/M

Note: Not all sizes are available in all colours. Please be careful when you make your selection to get a colour and size combination that is available. Or email or call us on 03 5985-1700 to check.

(12/16 HS)

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