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  • Epsealon Miniblade SS Titanium Coated Dagger - Pointed Tip

Epsealon Miniblade SS Titanium Coated Dagger - Pointed Tip

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  • Model: EPS-7MBB | EPS-7MBR
  • Brand: Epsealon
  • EAN: 3760181825331

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Product Description

The Epsealon Miniblade Titanium Coated Stainless Steeel Dagger is an excellent pointed tip dive knife for spearfishing and freediving.

The stainless steel blade is titanium coated for extra hardness. The 7 cmm length blade features a razor sharp smooth edge on one side, plus a serrated cutting edge and fishing line cutter on the other side. There is a hole in the middle of the blade which can be used as a tool to unstick your spear shaft.

The easy to use sheath features a nice locking mechanism that can easily be used single handed. It comes with easily adjustable knife leg straps for a comfortable fit.

Great for cutting Rope, Line and Monofilament

The pointed dagger tip makes this a great companion knife for all spearfishermen. This knife is for spearos who want a spearfishing knife that can easily penetrate fish to dispatch them quickly.

Epsealon Miniblade SS Titanium Coated Dagger Features

  • Stainless Steel blade AISI 440 - Hardness 55 HRC
  • Integral black titanium coating which increase the hardness to 80 HRC for keeping an excellent quality and long-life sharp
  • Hole in the middle of the blade for using it as a tool to unstick your shaft
  • Handle polypropylene HD over-molded
  • Hilt protects your hand from sliding onto the blade
  • Sheath elastomer polypropylene
  • Safety clip device for holding the blade in the sheath
  • Holding straps included
  • Blade:
    • Length: 7 cm (2.75")
    • Width: 2.3 cm (0.9")
    • Thickness: (0.14")
    • Weight: 50 g (1.765 ounces)

Colours: Available with Red handle

Discontinued: Even with pleading by those who just love this knife, Epsealon have discontinued it. We have 1 red handle left. When they're gone, that's it!

This product is not a toy. Please keep it in a proper safe place to avoid children from obtaining access to it.

(02/21 GJR)