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  • Tusa Universal Bungee Straps (Pair)

Tusa Universal Bungee Straps (Pair)

$84.00  $75.00
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  • Model: TA-0902
  • Brand: Tusa

Product Description

This pair of Tusa Universal Bungee Straps (TA-0902) is a one size fits all solution with five adjustable positions. They provide a custom grip that will adjust when your boots compress at depth. Designed to fit most open heel fins on the market these bungee straps will fit all Tusa open heel fins and many from other brands.

The comfort-flex hinge allows more mobility than traditional bungee and spring straps. The flexible nature of the strap already increases the range of shoe sizes it will fit but the Universal Strap has 5 adjustable positions to shorten and tighten the strap depending on how tight you prefer.

The elasticated strap only needs to be pulled over your heel and released to put your fins on. The rubber heel grip holds securely to the foot, with an easily accessed finger loop provided to make it easier to don and doff the fin.

Tusa Universal Bungee Straps (Pair) Features

  • Adjustable bungee strap
  • One size fits all with five (5) adjustable positions
  • Comfort-flex hinge
  • Will fit on most open heel fins available on the market
  • Rubber heel grip with finger loop for easy fit

(06/17 LRB)