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Apollo AC-40 Diving Compass with Boot

Apollo Scuba


The Apollo AC-40 Diving Compass with Boot features a unique pivoting card design which allows the AC-40 to function accurately even when held on an angle. It's balanced for the Southern Hemisphere (SH) and is a high-quality liquid oil filled dive compass.

Balanced for Southern Hemisphere

Boot Mount:
The compass module is mounted in a boot.

Special Bearing System:
With its unique bearing system, the Apollo AC-40 diving compass indicates the exact orientation even if tilted. In general, with a normal oil-filled, one-point support compass, it needs to be kept horizontal at the time of use as the rotating disc comes into contact with the case and stops moving freely when it is tilted. The two-point support system used in the Apollo AC-40 compass provides special balancing of the rotating disc so the AC-40 indicates the correct orientation without you having to maintain the compass in a horizontal position. This means that the compass card will spin freely even when the unit is not held completely flat, helping you to navigate accurately in all diving conditions.

Optimised Compass Oil:
The Apollo AC-40 compass uses less volatile oils with low viscosity to optimise the rotational speed of the AC-40 compass. This improves the accuracy of use and navigation under pressure. The compass oil is carefully selected for operation at low temperature, under which the rotation tends to be dull due to the oil viscosity increases. So you can use it safely even in ice diving.

Heat-resistant Engineering Plastic
The compass body made of heat resistant engineering plastic. The heat resisting property is 1.5 times that of conventional plastics, which delivers reduced failure rates from deformation under a scorching sun. With the excellent gas permeability it effectively prevents the generation of bubbles.

Glow In The Dark:
The scale plates of the compass are painted with a Japanese made special phosphorescent agent, which will glow for hours once exposed to the light. Simply point your torch at the compass face for around 30 seconds and you will be able to navigate in confidence even in complete darkness.

Made in Japan:
The AC-40 compass modules are made in the Lake Suwa region at the centre of the Japan precision industry.

Apollo AC-40 Diving Compass with Boot Features

  • Unique Pivoting Card Design allow the AC40 to function even when held on an angle
  • Calibrated for use in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Large, easy to read bearing indicators
  • Liquid oil filled compass
  • Top and side reading allows optimum accuracy
  • Luminescent display for low light conditions
  • 360 Degree Rotating Bezel
  • High visibility lubber line
  • Includes Boot Mount
  • Made in Japan

Apollo Compass Balancing

The vertical intensity and direction of the earth's magnetic field, the inclination, influences the horizontal plane of a compass needle according to the latitude where it is used. Due to inclination, compasses must be balanced for different geographical zones in order to keep the needle in a horizontal position.

TIP: This compass is set for the Southern Hemisphere. If you purchase a compass from say, North America or Europe, it will not function correctly in Australia as the counterweight will not be properly set for the region you are in. All of our Apollo AC-40 Compasses are balanced correctly for use here in Australia.

(04/22 HS)

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