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  • Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Fins - Size LL (Blue) Super Free Offer

Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Fins - Size LL (Blue) Super Free Offer

$445.00  $325.00
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  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

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Product Description

A great value for money special package offer for the award winning Apollo Bio-Fins that are the preferred choice of divers from students, to the most advanced technical and military divers.

Super Free Limited Offer

  • Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Fins with Spring Straps, Metallic Blue, Size LL
  • FREE Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask
  • FREE Apollo SV Dry Flex Snorkel
  • FREE pair of Apollo Edge Dive Boots
  • FREE Apollo Deluxe Drawstring Mesh Snorkelling Bag
  • Only Seven Sets Avaialable at this Special Low Price

Apollo have discontinued the LL size option, so we're clearing out the seven pair of Metallic Blue colour ones we have left. When they're gone, that's it!

Apollo has been making the Bio-Fin Pro for more than 10 years and they're now the world's NUMBER ONE dive fin. During that time, they've added the option of a heavy-duty spring strap, which we highly recommend. But in the midst of these modifications, one thing has remained constant, and that is the Apollo Bio-Fin Pro's Top Gun position when it comes to kicking performance and pure comfort.

Any way you slice it, the Apollo Bio-Fin Pro is the pack leader. These fins generate ear-bending speed and power with virtually no leg stress, are responsive in turns, and nimble when negotiating tight places. Plus they are comfortable and easy to use. And when Apollo provide a FREE Mask, Snorkel, Boots and Bag when you plunk down your money on these Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Fins with Spring Straps, you're getting a great deal as you buy into scuba fin royalty.

Apollo Spring Straps - Length 325 mm
Spring Straps increase diver safety.

  • Never break a fin strap again! Apollo spring straps totally eliminates the chance of strap, lug or buckle breakage.
  • Expandable stainless steel straps create a snug fit at all times
  • Easy one handed operation for putting on or taking off

The Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Fins increase bottom time, improve ability to swim against strong currents, increase comfort and enjoyment, improve performance and comfort on the surface, increase maximum speed, improve cruise speed, improve safety, improve efficiency for free divers, improve performance for underwater photographers, improve efficiency for cave and wreck divers, improve accessibility and efficiency for student divers, and improve accessibility to injured and disabled divers.

FREE Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask

  • Our Best Selling Mask
  • Low volume for easy clearing and wider field of vision
  • Revolutionary push-button buckles allow easy, quick strap adjustment
  • Unique flexible buckle attachment swivels with facial movements and absorbs shock, preventing buckle breakage when mask is bumped
  • Clear or Black, double-flanged silicon skirt
  • Super lightweight, highest quality tempered glass lenses
  • Fits medium to large adult faces

FREE Apollo SV Dry Flex Silicone Snorkel

  • Our Best Selling Snorkel
  • Streamlined flexible oval-shaped bore
  • Silicone drop away style — great for Scuba Divers
  • Splash-proof dry guard virtually eliminates water intake
  • Easy purge system with extra large self-draining chamber
  • Quick release buckle detaches with single-handed action
  • Super comfortable replaceable orthodontic mouthpiece

FREE Apollo Edge Dive Boots - 5mm Unisex

  • Heavy duty zipper
  • Toe and heel caps for protection
  • Wide fit
  • 5 mm neoprene
  • Huge range of sizes: AUS/NZ 3 to 14

FREE Apollo Deluxe Drawstring Mesh Snorkelling Bag

  • Large storage capacity
  • Reinforced nylon mesh centre section
  • Solid nylon lower section to reduce wear and tear
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Drawstring top seal with locking toggle
  • Label patch to ID your bag

Your Best Choice is Apollo Bio-Fin

Ahead of the rest
Apollo began working on the bio-fin design years before it was actually introduced. With any new technology the product must do more than just look and sound good. I must actually work! Apollo were the first to use "Spit Fin Technology" and it had to stand up to their claims.

Long Live the King
The test results are the proof of just how good the Apollo Bio-Fin Pro is. The Apollo Bio Fin has been voted the best fin since 1999. There are the results from Scuba Diving Magazine’s (Scuba Lab), the world’s premier independent testing facility: "Apollo Bio Fins have consistently out scored all other fins every year. Testers Choice and Best overall fin every year since 1999." The Apollo Bio Fin is the only fin to rate a perfect score from Rodale Magazine, and for good reason - They are great!

How the Bio-Fin Works
Apollo Bio-Fins provide lift and propulsion with less effort and more power. Unlike old style fins which 'push' water up and down, the Apollo Bio-Fin provides power, lift and forward thrust on each stroke.

The Apollo Bio-Fin directs water flow over the leading and trailing edges of the fin blade. The result is lift and acceleration just as in an aircraft wing.

Bio-Fins Innovation
The old fin stroke was wide and awkward. Using paddle style fins, the divers body swung from side to side with each stroke and was off centre and unstable, A short natural flutter kick (similar to normal freestyle swimming kick) works best with Apollo Bio split fin technology.

Superior Material
Apollo uses only superior materials in the form of 100% natural rubber. In a world where everything seems disposable the Apollo Bio-Fin Pro is designed to last. Indeed they will outlast you and me. Rubber can be a little heavier compared to the plastic used in most fins. However the durability, comfort, flexibility and responsiveness of 100% natural rubber is unique. Your fins are less likely to break the surface, which can cause a loss of momentum that may occur with floating type plastic fins.

Precision Angle
The Apollo Bio-Fin Pro is designed with a 20 degree angle accommodating the divers natural tendency to blend slightly at the knees in addition to obvious bend at the ankles. This angle is crucial for top performance and comfort. The result is better propulsion and the least amount of stress on the muscle and joints.

Apollo's choice of superior materials and intelligent design provides you with quick acceleration and ultimate in power, speed and comfort.

Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Blue Fins with Stainless Steel Fin Strap Features

  • Apollo: First Manufacturer of Split Fins
  • Every Model Bio-Fin Submitted to Scuba Diving Magazine (SDM): "Testers' Choice"
  • Material: 100% Rubber
  • 20° Angle of Blade: Fin Works with Natural Resting Angles of Ankle and Knee
  • Up to 40% Reduction in Muscle Fatigue, Energy Use, and Air Consumption
  • Benefits of Bio-Fin Pro:
    Increases Bottom Time
    Improves Ability to Swim Against Strong Currents
    Increased Comfort and Enjoyment
    Improves Performance and Comfort on the Surface
    Increases Maximum and Cruise Speeds
    Improves Safety
    Improves Efficiency for Free Divers
    And More!
  • Stainless Steel Fin Straps
    Durable, Coiled Spring Straps: Extremely Rust and Breakage Resistant
    Depth Compensating: Spring Strap Automatically Adjusts to Changing Conditions
    Straps have Rugged Rubber Grip with Finger Loop
    Easy to Access, Even with Thick Gloves
  • Free Apollo SV-2 Pro Mask
    Our best selling mask for adults with medium to large faces
  • Free Apollo SV Dry Flex Snorkel
    Our best selling snorkel
  • Free Apollo Edge Dive Boots
  • Free Apollo Deluxe Drawstring Mesh Snorkelling Bag

Main component: Natural Rubber
Hardness: 65°
Straps: Includes stainless steel Spring Straps

Apollo Bio-Fin Pro Blue Fins Sizes and Spring Strap Lengths

This Super Free Limited Offer is for seven pairs of Apollo Bio-Fins with 325 mm Spring Straps, size LL, colour Metallica Blue only. Once they're gone, that's it!

Apollo Bio-Fin Foot Pocket Size Comparison

Apollo Bio-Fin Size LL (Large-Large)
Compare foot pockets. Transition from L to LL is partial size with just few mm increase in height and width of pocket. XL is a full size up with significantly wider foot pocket than LL.

Fin Size and Spring Size USA Size UK/AUS/NZ Size
LL 325mm 9 to 12 8 to 11

The size chart above is intended as a "guide only" to assist in determining your fin size. Actual fit may vary dependent on the type of footwear/boots you are using. If you are between sizes and have a wide foot or thicker sole boot you may need a larger size.

Apollo Edge Dive Boot Sizes

The sizing chart from Apollo below indicates they have sizes 2 to 14 in these boots, but only AUS/NZ/UK sizes 3 to 14 are actually available in Australia. Sizes AUS/NZ/UK 8 to 11 should be okay with the size LL Apollo Bio-Fins with 325 mm length steel spring straps.

Apollo Boot Size Chart

(08/17 LRB)