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Seiko Prospex PADI Automatic Dive Watch - SRPA83K Baby Tuna

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  • Model: SEIKO-SRPA83K
  • Brand: Seiko
  • EAN: 4954628210616

Product Description

The Seiko Prospex PADI Automatic Diver's Watch, SRPA83K Baby Tuna, with a new caliber 4R36, 24-jewel automatic (self-winding) movement with hand winding capability. It's a special edition PADI model and water resistant to 200 metres. The case with shroud is 51.7 mm in diameter and it comes with a vibrant blue silicone dive strap. Includes a day and date display, super-luminous markers and hands treated with Lumibrite, a blue dial, screw down crown, uni-directional bezel, scratch resistant hardlex crystal, stainless steel back, and a blue shroud (or case guard) to protect the case from dings and scratches.

The Baby Tuna nickname comes from the case being a slightly smaller version of the Seiko MarineMaster Tuna case. With the Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K, the 'Baby Tuna' shape is back in all of its glory, with the crown at 4. It's an incredibly comfortable watch to wear and the curved case edges sit nicely against your wrist when bending or moving your hand.

Measuring in at 51.7 mm wide, the SRPA83K Baby Tuna is a big watch. It will certainly be more practical over a diving suit than on the wrist of an elegant gentleman wearing a tuxedo. However, this size is part of the DNA of the Baby Tuna and, thanks to the curved caseback, to the soft silicone band and to the lack of external lugs, the comfort is here.

On the case back you'll find the Seiko tsunami logo and a nice little reminder that you have a Special Edition. The bezel is also polished and is easy to grip and turn the full 120 clicks.

Squeezed within the bezel is Seiko's proprietary Hardlex crystal which is scratch resistant and much more resistant to shattering — which could potentially save the watch if you were diving and had a bad knock against the crystal.

The Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K has an awesome, straightforward, classic dial design with day and date display. It's a copy of the past, but with modern quality. The indexes are precisely crafted and affixed, the hands also have a great aspect and the overall dial inspires.

The Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K Baby Tuna is a special edition. This special edition is made by Seiko in partnership with PADI, the world's most trusted scuba diving training organisation. However, the PADI watch adds a very nice looking blue dial, replacing the matte black dial of the normal edition. As well as its good looks, the colour choice is a clear connection to the blue and red of the PADI logo.

In addition to the new colour, the PADI logo is printed at 6. The large arrow minute hand is now painted in red, again a specific feature of this Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K.

If you want to read the watch in the dark of night or depths of the ocean, the hour and minute hands are wide and flat and coated with a generous amount of Seiko's legendary Lumibrite lume. The Lumibrite is also not in short supply on the large and deep circle and candle shaped raised indices dotted around the dial and when charged it glows like radioactive waste all night long.

The Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K features an accordion-style silicone strap which combines high durability and comfort. The accordion-style strap was invented by Seiko in 1975 as a solution to the problem of the expansion and contraction of a diver's wrist at different depths.

The case is precisely crafted and adjusted, the bezel feels solid and durable, and the details of the dial and the hands are superb.

Inside the Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K ticks like a workhorse, but using one of the new generation of Seiko movements. This wrist watch has the new iteration calibre 4R36 ticking inside. It is a self-winding calibre with manual-winding capacity and hacking-seconds features, beating at 21,600 vph, having 24 jewels and a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. This Seiko movement is both extremely reliable and precise.

The Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K Baby Tuna is cool because it's a Prospex. In the Seiko world of watches Prospex simply means 'Professional Specifications'. It's Seiko's answer to the professional world that desires nothing but the very best from their watches.This diver's watch has the famous 'X' Prospex logo printed on its dial. Seiko Prospex watches are sturdy, rugged, reliable and designed for being used in professional conditions.

The Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA38K Baby Tuna has a comfortable 200 metre water resistance, the required legibility of a proper dive watch — large hands and indexes, highly legible in day-time (good contrast) and in night-time (good lume), with no possible confusion between the indexes (the index at 12 is highly different) and highly differentiated hands (no confusion between the minute and the hour hands possible) — a unidirectional bezel, with 60-minute scale and 20-minute area highlighted in red.

Many watches bear the label diver's watch but only a small number of these timepieces can be considered fully functional in professional environments. Seiko helped to establish the standard for diver's watches in the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). This watch fulfills the ISO 6425 standards for dive watches. If you are an avid diver, this watch is your perfect companion. This Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K reunites the best of affordable Seiko dive watches with the quality of the Seiko Prospex collection.

A great thing about any Seiko watch is that you can make claim to having a fully in-house made movement and watch. Seiko produce everything themselves which is a feat not many other manufactures can boast.

The Seiko Prospex PADI SRPA83K Baby Tuna is a bargain. When you look at what this diver's watch really is, you have to realise this is a great deal. The concept of a dive watch, with water resistance over 200m, with a modern accurate movement, with professional specifications, from a manufacture with such a great pedigree. This is a dive watch and it makes no apologies. It tells everyone, hey I'm a dive watch and look how professional I look. Not just a diver's watch, this is a perfect summer watch for everyone, avid collectors, new comers, rich or not.

Seiko Prospex PADI Automatic Diver's Watch SRPA83K Features

  • Special Edition PADI diver's watch
  • 52 mm wide Baby Tuna case
  • Water resistance: 200m Diver
    The watch is designed and manufactured to withstand up to 200 metres going under the water, and is suitable for wearing while scuba diving.
  • Screw-down crown at the 4 o'clock position< br/> The crown has screw-down protection to prevent it from being pulled out by any accidental operation.
  • High legibility
    The dial design has just one objective; maximum legibility, even deep in the ocean where sunlight does not penetrate. The hour markers are large, so as to allow the maximum surface area and depth for Seiko's Lumibrite coating. The hands, too, are wide and easy to read.
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel
    The precise and secure operation of the uni-directional bezel prevent accidental rotation, so that the time measured is never shorter than the actual elapsed time.

Seiko Prospex PADI Automatic Diver's Watch SRPA83K Specifications

  • Model - SRPA83K
  • Calibre No. - 4R36
  • Power Reserve/Battery Life - 41 Hours Power Reserve
  • Battery Type - N/A

Calibre Specifications

  • Calibre Function: - Analogue - 3 Hands
  • Calibre Accuracy - +45 -35 seconds a DAY (at normal temperature range (5°C and 35°C)
  • Calibre Display - Analogue
  • Powered by the Movement of the Wearer, or by winding the crown

Case Specifications

  • Water Resistance - Diver's 200 Metres
  • Case Material - Stainless Steel and Black Hard Ceramic Coating
  • Case Size - 51.7 mm
  • Case colour - Silver and Blue
  • Band/Bracelet Type - Strap - Silicon
  • Band/Bracelet colour - Blue
  • Band Reference - R02Y012J0
  • Glass Type - Hardlex
  • Crown Type - Screw Down
  • Rotationg Bezel - One Way

Layout Specifications

  • Dial Colour - Blue
  • Hand Indicators - Hour, Minute, Seconds
  • Calendar Indicators - Date, Day Of The Week
  • Lumibrite - Hands and Markers
  • Dial Markers - Batons


  • Special Edition PADI Special Boxing
  • Complete with 3 Year Australian Warranty
  • Made in Japan

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