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  • Apollo Pro-Teq Lightweight Membrane Drysuit - Custom Made

Apollo Pro-Teq Lightweight Membrane Drysuit - Custom Made

$3,750.00  $3,450.00
Save: $300.00 (8%)

  • Model: DS28070
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

Product Description

The custom made Apollo PRO-TEQ is a lightweight membrane drysuit ideal for technical and cave diving. It is made from a Breathable Tri-Laminate Fabric. It features an Easy On and Off System, using an across the chest drysuit Zip.

Wrap yourself in the latest drysuit technology innovation, combined with a unique pattern design and Apollo quality — all in one drysuit. This lightweight membrane drysuit is very popular with recreational and holiday divers also.

The Apollo Pro-Teq Drysuit allows divers to dress themselves quickly in a few simple steps. The unique bib entry and lightwight design ensures an easy fit and provides a very attractive travel drysuit option, especially taking into consideration aircraft weight restrictions. With superb flexibility and exceptional in-water performance, it's a great drysuit.

The fully breathable fabric improves comfort and minimises heat stress. The construction makes the Pro-Teq Drysuit lightweight, exceptionally durable and ready for whatever the dive throws at it. This construction is finished with tough P.U. coated socks for superior abraison resistance, and integrated 'SuperFabric' oversized knee and elbow protection.

This front entry suit is simple to don and is secured with a state of the art cross torso dry suit zip, with an additional hook and loop fastening zip flap. Super soft, durable neoprene neck and wrist seals, plus internal braces keep you comfortable. The suit can accommodate numerous thermal layering techniques, both for cold and warm weather.

The Apollo Pro-Teq Drysuit is fitted with a generous, utilitarian accessory pocket with internal D-ring on the right thigh. There are low profile inflation and exhaust valves in the standard positions.

Apollo Drysuit Custom Manufacturing

Fit is everything. It determines the comfort, drag and ease of swimming of the suit. Apollo employs an advanced computer-aided design system that utilises up to 32 measurements in making each suit from scratch for each individual customer. The computer is linked to an automatic drafting table printer, which prints out a pattern based on measurement data. This system cost $100,000, and today Apollo is on its third generation system, capable of drawing about 140 suits per day. Panels of material cut from the pattern are hand-glued, then blind-stitched, before being heat taped to ensure a long life of complete dryness. During these stages, a single technician works with a single suit to maintain quality and uniformity.

A custom fit has obvious benefits for divers with non-standard builds, but even for those who can wear off-the-rack suits, custom fitting can dramatically decrease drag in the water. There are no folds of material to catch water or to snag in a cave, wreck or other overhead environment. Anyone diving in a high-flow situation will readily notice and appreciate this point. A second advantage is in the wrist seals. Apollo’s computer program utilises both wrist and forearm measurements to create a more cylindrical as opposed to a conical shape, providing more surface area at the actual seal. This produces a significantly drier suit. Boot measurements are part of the custom fit. The soles are rugged, giving the diver plenty of support, even during difficult entries or exits. Integrated shin and knee pads provide protection, even under the most severe conditions.

Apollo Pro-Teq Dry Suit Features

  • Easy bib entry chest zip system
  • Extra Tough Cordura Nylon Oxford 100% 300 Denier
  • SuperFabric Knee and Elbow Pads for Extreme Abrasion Resistance
  • Neoprene Wrist and Neck Seals
  • Super stretch 'Turtle Skin' neck seal for comfort
  • 'Titanium Slickskin' lined wrist seals for a better seal
  • Neoprene seals for harder wearing situations
  • Low Profile Inflation Valve
  • Large zipped acessory pocket with internal D-ring on right thigh
  • Tough Sock (P.U. coated sole for abrasion resistance)
  • Automatic / Manual Adjustable Low Profile Shoulder Dump Valve
  • internal Braces

Your purchase includes:

  • Free Drysuit inflator hose
  • Free Zip lubricant
  • Free Apollo Drysuit Bag
  • Free Apollo Drysuit Hanger
  • Free Apollo Undergarment

Custom Made Suit

Going custom made gives you benefits over and above an off the rack Apollo Pro-Teq Drysuit model.

Please Note: A custom made Apollo Pro-Teq Drysuit will take four to six weeks to make.

Please view/download the Apollo Drysuit Measuring Forms (PDF, 11 pages, 1.4 Mb) and use them to get the best fit possible.

Given the unique requirements of specific measurements for this Customised Drysuit we ask that you contact us directly with your measurements.

Take Skin Measurements: Apollo drysuit patterns automatically adjust for undergarments. Therefore, measurements should be taken while wearing nothing more than a swimsuit. Should you measure while wearing tracksuits or other undergarments, the drysuit may be too large and bulky.

Drysuit measurement - Men

Drysuit meansurement - Women

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