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  • Ocean Design Glide Open Heel Fins with extra Bungee Straps

Ocean Design Glide Open Heel Fins with extra Bungee Straps

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  • Model: FN057** - Discontinued in BB
  • Brand: Ocean Design

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Product Description

The Ocean Design Glide Open Heel Fins with Bungee Straps are a fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling fin that is well priced and super comfortable. Worn with boots, these light weight fins are great for the diver who wants to have a easy soft fin where you will not get any cramping of sore legs from over exertion. They are also perfect for travelling divers and snorkelers due to the fact that they are nice and light.

The Ocean Design Glide Fins have a soft rubber foot pocket and are designed to be worn with a dive boot which will prevent the bungee strap from rubbing on your ankles. A new bungee heel strap design makes use of a round bungee cord band that accommodates all foot sizes for a perfect fit. The bungee strap features a rubber bungee and an extra large heel grab loop. This allows for donning and doffing even with thick diving gloves. The best feature of the bungee design is that it will always stay conformed to your foot no matter your depth by counteracting the neoprene compression of your boots. The bungee strap is guaranteed to give you unparalleled comfort and forget about it adjusting.

The blade is a soft to medium flex and cups water with ever up and downwards kick to hold then release to give you maximum power whilst still being kind to your legs.

Ocean Design Glide Open Heel Fins with Bungee Straps Features

  • Glide through the ocean with ease!
  • Wide blade for increased power
  • Combo blade for comfort with power
  • Stress Relief cutouts near the foot pocket reduce cramping
  • The Perfect Fin for beginners to advanced
  • Bungee Straps:
    Easy to Use and No Adjustments Needed
    Large Grab Tab Loop, Easy Donning and Doffing
    Grab Tab Loop: Works Well with Heavy Gloves
    Extremely Comfortable, Depth Compensating Design
    Forget About It Adjusting
    Construction: Rubber Bungee and Plastic Buckles
  • Light and practical
  • Great for travelling

Fin Colours:

Blue, Black or Magenta

Fin Sizes:

S-M: Small to Medium, M-L: Medium to Large, L-XL: Large to eXtra Large

Ocean Design Glide Fin Size Chart:

Size AU/UK US EU Length (cm)
S-M 4-6 4-7 37-39 56.4
M-L 6-9 8-10 40-42 60.7
L-XL 9-13 10-13 44-47 62.0

Ocean Design Glide Fin Colours:

Choices are: Black and Blue

CLEARANCE STOCK: We have the following sizes and colours in stock
1 x Blue S-M
1 x Blue L-XL
2 x Black S-M
1 x Black M-L
1 x Black L-XL

(10/21 LO)