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  • Waterproof XPAND WPAD Accessory Thigh Pocket

Waterproof XPAND WPAD Accessory Thigh Pocket

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  • Brand: Waterproof
  • EAN: 7340018518702

Product Description

The Waterproof XPAND WPAD Expandable Accessory Thigh Pocket is an advanced expandable pocket for suits which support the Waterproof Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock (WPAD) system. Double Velcro Hook and Loop fastener layers provide a rock-solid anchor hold of the Xpand Pocket. The Xpand Pocket comes with a central mounted D-Ring and PK zippers with stainless steel slider.

Expandable Pocket For Waterproof Suits With WPAD

A thigh pocket keeps your gear streamlined and protects both the gear and the reef. Replacing the XPAND and WP Tech pockets the WPAD is essentially the same but with a new graphic on the front.

The Velcro fitting is secure but means that you can attach and remove the whole pocket when you need to and a lower zip allows you to compress the pocket closer to your thigh. The pocket bellows when you need extra space and features an internal plastic D-ring for convenient anchoring. The bottom of the pocket also has a mesh hole to allow for easy draining.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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