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  • Reef Line Single Blade Line Cutter with Sheath

Reef Line Single Blade Line Cutter with Sheath

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  • Model: SL-STSLC02
  • Brand: Reef Line

Product Description

The Reef Line Single Blade Line Cutter with Nylon Sheath is sharper than a standard dive knife and uses a marine-grade stainless steel blade that can easily cut thru a braided line, monofilament or any other line entanglement. The blade is easily removed for cleaning and replacement.

Simple and compact, this 'Eezycut Trilobite' style single-blade line cutter is a quick way to free you or a buddy from small line tangles. It cuts pretty much any line that fits into it. The blade itself is a standard stainless razor. Two Phillips-head screws hold it inside the sturdy plastic casing and can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. Tucked in its nylon sheath and secured with Velcro, this line cutter can be mounted vertically or horizontally to webbing up to 2 inches, or 50 mm, wide for easy, quick access.

The single blade Reef Line Line Cutter fits into an 8.9 cm x 6 cm (3-1/2 inch x 2-3/8 inch) nylon pouch and secured by velcro. It is easy to mount onto any 50 mm (2 inch) webbing or the waistband of the harness for easy to reach.

Reef Line Line Cutter with Pouch Features

  • 100% Brand New, Reef Line Scuba Diving Line Cutter with Sheath
  • Material: Sturdy Plastic with Marine Grade Stainless Steel Blade.
  • With Nylon sheath which can be mounted on webbing up to 2 inches wide.
  • Single Blade: Marine Grade Stainless Steel Blade and Changeable.
  • Colour: Black
  • Size of Nylon Sheath: Approx. 8.9 cm x 6 cm (3-1/2 inch x 2-3/8 inch)

Tips for Storage: After diving, you must rinse the line cutter in freshwater, dry it, and not replace it until the nylon pouch is dry as well.

(02/21 LRB)