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  • Waterproof Silicone Heavy Duty Wrist Seals (Pair)

Waterproof Silicone Heavy Duty Wrist Seals (Pair)

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  • Brand: Waterproof

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Product Description

If you love the Waterproof Silicone Wrist Seals, or even the idea of them, but need something that is even more durable for rugged dives, then the HD Silicone Seal from Waterproof is your answer. Coming with all the features of the normal silicone seals but with a little less stretch, these heavy duty seals offer enhanced resistance to tears.

The Waterproof Heavy Duty Silicone Wrist Seals are designed to provide an alternative to latex seals which are prone to tearing and ripping and deterioration over time due to exposure to UV and Ozone exposure. The high grade silicone used in these seals is stretchier than latex seals and offers 100% protection against UV and Ozone radiation. These HD Seals offer that same level of protection against radiation while also providing enhanced protection against ripping in the standard silicone seals.

The Waterproof HD Silicone Wrist Seal is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their latex suit seals to silicone wrist seals but want something extra durable. These heavy duty seals do have less flexibility than standard silicone wrist seals but that extra durability means that they are better equipped to take on wear and tear. They are extremely quick and easy to attach and would be perfect for divers who like their seals to last their more rugged trips.

* Please note that glue will not stick to silicone, you must have a ring system fitted. If you need these rings fitted on your suit you will need the Waterproof Silicone Wrist Seal Kit.

Waterproof HD Silicone Wrist Seal Features

  • High Quality — The silicone wrist seals are made from high grade silicone and are 100% UV and Ozone resistant, making them durable and long lasting
  • Easy to Attach — The ring system paired with an interior glide coating on the seal means that they are easy to attach to your suit
  • Flexible — The Silicone wrist seals offers more flexibility than latex seals, making putting your suit on easier and increasing movement when it is on
  • Safety Ridge — A safety ridge on the seal makes sure that it stays in place during use
  • No Maintenance — The silicone wrist seals don’t require any maintenance unlike their latex counterparts, meaning you can dive with confidence that your seals are intact
  • Heavy Duty Protection — These heavy duty seals are designed to take on even more wear and tear than the standard Waterproof Silicone Seal

Waterproof HD Silicone Wrist Seal Sizes

Available in two Sizes: Standard or Small

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Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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