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Waterproof Drysuit Inflator Hose - 75cm

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  • Model: WP-D/SHOSE-75CM
  • Brand: Waterproof

Product Description

The Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Hose comes standard with all of their drysuit range and is well equipped for inflating your drysuit. At 75 cm long it is more than long enough for practical use.

This dry suit inflator hose is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable inlet hose for inflating their drysuit. It comes as standard with all Waterproof Drysuits and is best suited for inflating their wide range. This would be ideal for those looking to replace a broken hose or for a second backup hose.

The Waterproof Drysuit low-pressure Inflator hose is supplied fitted with a standard Quick Disconnect Seatec style female side-lock coupler fitting, with an internal Schrader type valve, that accepts the standard BC inflator male QD post. This is the most common design of inflator coupling used in scuba diving. At the other end is a 3/8" UNF male thread to connect the hose to a low-pressure port on the 1st stage regulator.

Waterproof Drysuit Inlet Hose Features

  • Long — At 75 cm long this low pressure hose is long enough to be used easily with high levels of practicality
  • Built for Purpose — Designed specifically for inflating drysuits, this hose is built for what it does and is very reliable

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This is not a regularly stocked item in our Rye dive shop. It will be ordered for you from the manufacturer upon request and typically shipped directly from them to you the same day thus resulting in no delay in delivery.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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