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  • Isotta Olympus Tough TG-5 Underwater Housing

Isotta Olympus Tough TG-5 Underwater Housing

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  • Model: UWI-IS-TG5
  • Brand: Isotta

Product Description

The Isotta Olympus TG-5 Underwater Housing is an easy to use, highly professional product which has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience. Easy access to all key/main Olympus Tough TG-5 compact camera controls by means of clearly labelled laser engraved long lasting buttons. The back door has a large window for a fine camera display view and it is entirely detached from the front body to make for easier camera fitting.

One Hand Open/Close
It's very fast to open and close Olympus Tough TG-5, without any efforts by the user thanks to the side helicoid screw and the bottom centred pins the camera is placed easily into the housing on a sliding tray that keeps the camera robustly in place. A lever locks the tray safely inside the housing. The housing stands with great stability due to sturdy and wide rubber feet located on the bottom.

Port, Close-Up and Wide-Angle Lenses
The housing for Olympus Tough TG-5 ends with a tempered glass optic and feature M67 and M52 thread mounts that allow the use of additional wide angle and/or macro lenses.

The Olympus Tough TG-5 own strobe lighting is enhanced thanks to a standard diffuser placed in the provided flash window. For better performance with wide-angle lenses, one or two external strobes can be connected by optic fiber bushing.

Construction and Safety
Only the best materials are used to manufacture Isotta housings — anodised aluminium which is anti-corrosion and thermo-coated, and stainless steel. A long lasting product that requires easy and simple maintenance by the user. So small and so rich in technology! Dual high precision and quality O-ring seals protect and ensure a perfect and secure watertight for all movable and/or removable parts; a red alarm for humidity/water inside the housing is powered by a battery replaceable by the user. Working depth is 100 metres (330 ft). A hole positioned on the bottom allows securing the housing for Olympus Tough TG-5 with a strap. Different accessories can be fitted by means of an upper sliding tray and double threaded M6 holes and one 1/4W on the bottom.


  • ON/OFF of Olympus Tough TG-5
  • Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter button for an easy use with gloves
  • Mode button

Isotta Olympus TG-5 Underwater Housing Features

  • Depth Rated to 100 metres (330 ft)
  • Anodised Machined Aluminium Housing
  • Dual O-ring Seals
  • Made in Italy
  • 2 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • 100 metre depth rating
  • Dual Fibre Optic Cable Adaptor for TG-4/TG-5
  • All Olympus Tough TG-5 main controls
  • Easy one hand open/close
  • Moisture alarm
  • Double M67 and M52 thread mount to use additional wide angle and/or macro lenses
  • Double high-quality O-Ring seals
  • Weight: 830 g
  • Dimensions: 153.5 L. x 70 P. x 112 A.

What's Included

  • Housing
  • Replacement O-Ring kit
  • Optic fibre adaptor
  • Silicone Grease, 10 g
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

Spare Parts

  • AS562 - O-Ring Set Olympus Tough! TG-4/TG-5
  • AS882 - Forefinger shutter trigger
  • AS883 - Thumb shutter trigger
  • AS732 - Dual Fiber Optic Cable Adaptor for TG-4/TG-5
  • AS046 - Double handles tray

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