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Ratio Wireless Transmitter Air Integration


  • Model: UWI-RC-AC001
  • Brand: Ratio Computers

Product Description

The Ratio Wireless Transmitter Air Integration is a state-of-the-art wireless air transmitter that gives you the current tank pressure on the Ratio iDive Series or iX3M Series Dive Computers wirelessly and that flashes green, yellow or red according to your tank's pressure during the whole dive.

The colour-coded transmitter allows you to use multiple units (doubles) at a time for technical diving and you may monitor up to 10 different transmitters at a time underwater (iInstructors / dive masters). You are able to view your tank pressure from your personal Ratio iX3M or iDive dive computer, or view your buddy or your instructor from your CC Transmitter.

When using for Sidemount you will note that both transmitters will display on the same screen of the iX3M device. When using the iDive watch you may seamlessly switch between one Side Mount tank and the other one as the computer will automatically change the transmitter shown on the Remaining Bottom Time / BAR (PSI) screen as soon as you take a breath from the cylinder.

Light coded alarms on the tank showing the status of the tank. Maximum readable pressure is 250 bar (3,625 psi) and maximum supportable pressure is 300 bar (4,351 psi). Transmitter is depth rated to 220 metres (721 ft), is powered by a rechargeable lithium-po battery and has a 90-hour dive time on a charge. Battery is charged via a USB cable.

The go, caution and no go colour-code will show green when cylinder is full and down to 100 bar (1,450 psi), yellow from 100 to 50 bar (1,450 to 725 psi) and red from 50 to 0 bar (725 to 0 psi).

Easy installation. Just connect it to your 1st stage regulator 7/16-inch threaded high pressure (HP) port. However, we recommend using a short 15 cm (6 inch) high pressure hose and air spool as well.

Ratio Wireless Transmitter Air Integration Features

  • State-of-the-Art Wireless Air Transmitter
  • Gives Current Tank Pressure
  • Designed For:
  • Ratio iDive Series or iX3M Series Dive Computers
  • Flashes Green, Yellow or Red According to Tank's Pressure
  • Go, Caution and No Go Colour-Code
  • Color-Codes:
    Green Cylinder Full Down to 100 bar (1,450 psi),
    Yellow from 100 to 50 bar (1,450 to 725 psi)
  • Red from 50 to 0 bar (725 to 0 psi)
  • At-a-Glance Monitoring of Gas Supply
  • Maximum Readable Pressure 250 bar (3,625 psi)
  • Maximum Supportable Pressure 300 bar (4,351 psi)
  • Powered by Rechargeable Lithium-Po Battery
  • 90-Hour Dive Time per Charge
  • Battery Charged via USB Cable
  • Threads Directly into Regulators First Stage 7/16-inch Threaded High-Pressure Port
  • Easy to Install

(08/19 LRB)