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  • Retra LSD Ultimate Snoot Light Shaping Device

Retra LSD Ultimate Snoot Light Shaping Device

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  • Model: UWI-RUT-LSD
  • Brand: Retra Underwater Technology

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Product Description

The Retra LSD Ultimate Light Shaping Device (LSD) is made for your underwater flash. The LSD works like a projector which takes light from your flash and pilot light to create a beam with a sharp image at the focus distance. The LSD uses elements like a lens, mask and a diffuser to generate the light beam.

The Retra LSD Ultimate is the perfect companion for macro enthusiasts! A light shaping device that focuses the light from the strobes down to a customisable point allowing you to easily mask out backgrounds, and highlight specific areas of a composition.

It's easy to use even on your first dive!
By turning on the pilot light you can see accurately how the image will appear before you press the shutter button. This way you can quickly find the right position for your LSD and start shooting.

You can shape light, sharpen it's edging or make them blurry.

Illuminate two spots with the double hole mask.
Illuminating two spots was a mission impossible, with the LSD it's easy! You have to insert the double hole mask and find the right distance between the holes. Positioning is a breeze because you have the pilot light to show you where the projection will be.

Use the LSD for creative lighting.
The strong directional and collimated beam of the LSD is perfect for playing with the position of your flash relative to the subject. Use it for side lighting or backlighting.

Illuminate larger areas in wide angle.
The powerful LSD can also be used for wide angle shots. This is especially interesting once we get closer to the subject.

The LSD is future-proof.
If you change your flash, you only change the mounting module. Every LSD is made from two modules: the Optical tube and the Mounting module. They are connected via four screws and can be exchanged in a few minutes.

Retra LSD Ultimate Snoot Light Shaping Device Features

  • Compatible with Many Strobes (Sea&Sea, Inon, Ikelite and more!)
  • Shape the Light With Many Options
  • Illuminate Two Spots with the Double Hole Mask
  • Future-Proof

Technical Specifications

  • AluminIum AnodiSed Housing
  • Weight: 600 g
  • Body Length: 215 mm
  • Depth Rating: -80 m
  • Focal Length (In Water): 175 mm
  • Focused Light Beam Diameter (In Water): 60 mm
  • 13 Standard Shapes Included
  • LSD bag is optional


  • Inon (Z-330, D200, Z-240, D2000)
  • Ikelite (DS125/160/161, DS200)
  • Sea&Sea (YS110, YS250, YS-D1, YS-D2)
  • Subtronic (Alpha, Nova, 160 pro, 160 fusion)
  • Seacam (SF 60, SF100, SF150, SF250)
  • Keldan (50ยบ port, 4x/8x)
  • Retra Flash ((all models)

(08/19 LRB)

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