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Backscatter Flip Filters 55mm Graduated Neutral Density Filter

$39.00  $35.00
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  • Model: ff-gnd
  • Brand: Backscatter

Product Description

The Flip Filters 55mm Graduated Neutral Density Filter will allow top side shooters to balance their video and capture richer imagery. The Flip Filters GND Filter is used to bring an overly-bright part of a scene into the dynamic range of GoPro. For example, it can be used to darken a bright sky so that both the sky and subject can be properly exposed.

While Backscatter initially designed the Flip Filters System for underwater use, they quickly realised that there was a benefit to introducing polarisers and graduated ND filters. In addition to these types of filters, they have also had excellent results using the +10 Close-Up Lens and the +15 MACROMATE Mini on land.

Use with the Backscatter Flip Filters 55 mm Threaded Adaptor Filter Holder which will allow you to mount any filter to the FLIP7, FLIP6, FLIP5, FLIP4 and FLIP3.1 frame or TOP FLIP. Works on the GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6 and 7 action cameras.

(09/19 SGS)