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Hyperion Mako Dive Mask with GoPro Mount

$99.00  $59.00
Save: $40.00 (40%)

  • Brand: Hyperion

Product Description

The Hyperion Mako Twin Lens Dive Mask with GoPro Mount is an incredibly comfortable black silicone mask, with ultra-low internal volume. The GoPro mount means you can film all your dives very easily with perfect hands-free stability! Now you can have a POV shot of your best dives and look good doing it too!

With this mask there is a GoPro camera mounting point on the top of the frame to secure your camera so you don't miss out on any footage. The buckles on it make it extremely easy and fast for you to adjust as you like.

The seriously low volume on this mask reduces the amount of air you'll have to use equalising your mask, making it ideal for those who enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, freediving and deep water spearfishing.

The black silicone skirt tunnels your vision which gives you a more focused view. As a result, you are not distracted by anything else in your peripheral vision. When aiming for a fish while spearfishing, this mask will help you focus and get the best chance of a clear aim at your prize.

Hyperion Mako Dive Mask with GoPro Mount Features

  • GoPro Style Camera Mount to easily attach your GoPro camera capturing all the fun
  • Hands Free Filming Capabilities
  • Very Low Volume
  • Black Silicone Skirt and Straps
  • Quick Adjust Straps making slight changes a breeze
  • Low Volume, high visibility design for extra comfort
  • Twin Lenses with Tempered Glass
  • Perfect for deep water hunting
  • Protective Mesh Bag Included

Colour: Black skirt, Black frame

(08/19 LRB)

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