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Mares Compact Reel - 30m

$50.00  $45.00
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  • Model: MARES-415349
  • Brand: Mares
  • UPC: 792460005021

Product Description

The Mares Compact dive reel is a exclusive Mares design. It comes with 30 metres of cord connected to a double ended bolt snap. The idea of a compact reel is to connect it to your surface marker buoy when you release it while doing you safety stop, or earlier. This in turn lets the skipper of you dive boat know that you are on your way up. Also easy to use as a jump reel off the main reel penetration line for wreck exploration.

The Mares Compact Reel is used a lot when drift diving, as the boat skipper will not know the exact point or how far you have drifted, the marker buoy when released will let the skipper know where you are and give him time to get there ready from your surface. The marker buoy can be sent up from any depth, however if you have only 30 metres of line then you want to be no more than 30 metres deep.

The Mares Compact reel is a lightweight design with a fold away handle on either side. It's small enough to fit in to your BCD pocket for storage.

Mares 30 metre Compact Reel Features

  • Exclusive Mares design
  • Fold-away handle and grip
  • 30 metres (100 ft) of cord
  • Brass Double Ender Bolt Snap

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(09/19 LRB)

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