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  • Vivid-Pix Picture-Fix Software

Vivid-Pix Picture-Fix Software

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  • Model: INT-VIV-CARD1
  • Brand: Vivid-Pix

Product Description

Vivid-Pix Picture-Fix Software provides automatic corrections to underwater photographs. The common colour balance, contrast, and brightness issues are taken care of with a single click with the option of the best version via the 9-up selection window. After this adjustment is applied you can then use sliders to fine tune the image to your liking.

This software can also provide 1-click image editing to photographs taken above water. This improves the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of the image. You can then quickly save any file and share them with friends and family.

Versions are available for computers running either Mac OS X 10.6 or later or running Windows XP or later.

One-Click Correction
With a single click, automatic adjustments and corrections can be applied to your images. This results in speedy, yet beautiful images for you to share with others.

Optimised for Underwater Photography
Programming and algorithms designed for underwater photographs ensure high quality corrections will be made. Also, it is compatible with images taken above water, where the software will provide similar enhancements.

9-Up Selection Window
When a file is imported a selection of 9 varying brightness and contrast adjustments becomes available. From here you select the best image and fine tune it from there. The variance between the images can even be adjusted in the settings to give either a wide or narrow selection.

Fine Tuning via Sliders
A selection of sliders can be used to fine tune colour and other settings once the image is imported into the software. This includes brightness, contrast, and specific colour adjustments. Also, the Windows version includes vividness, sharpness, and cropping options as well.

Vivid-Pix Picture-Fix Software Features

  • Designed for Underwater Photographs
  • Automatically Corrects Images
  • 9-Up Adjustment Selection Window
  • Fine Tuning of Adjustments via Sliders

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