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Backscatter Loc-Line Pliers for 1/2-inch Flex Arms

$55.00  $49.00
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  • Model: bs-ll-78002
  • Brand: Backscatter
  • UPC: 0662633780041

Product Description

These Backscatter Loc-Line Pliers aid in assembling 1/2 inch LocLine Flex Arms. This is a must have when putting these arms together safely and easily.

With this product you get one pair of Loc-Line Hose Assembly Pliers for 1/2 inch Loc-Line (part no. 78002).

Your job is hard enough, don't make it harder. Get some pliers!

Assembly Instructions

NOTE: These pliers will only assemble 1/2-inch Loc-Line hose and components.

  1. Hold pliers with 'ball up' facing up
  2. Place ball facing up in upper half of pliers
  3. Place socket facing down in lower half of pliers
  4. Squeeze handles until Loc-Line snaps together

(10/19 LRB)