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  • Seac Piranha Freediving Mask and Snorkel Set

Seac Piranha Freediving Mask and Snorkel Set

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  • Model: SEAC 0750017070550A + 0840014070
  • Brand: Seac Sub
  • EAN: 8002908381757

Product Description

The Seac Piranha Mask and Snorkel Set combines the Seac One Freediving Low Volume Mask and the Seac Jet Freediving Snorkel in a Green/Piranha colour scheme. Designed for Serious Spear Fishermen and Freedivers. Also suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling.

Seac One Freediving Low Volume Mask Green/Piranha

The best selling mask in the history of Seac. The anatomic skirt provides an extraordinary capacity to adapt to various faces, and its size makes it the perfect all-purpose mask. The Seac One Freediving Mask has a low inner volume with highly-adaptable silicone anatomic skirt.

Mask comes in camouflage design obtained with WFT technology. The frame is made from polycarbonate lined with special anti-abrasion camouflage film. The skirt is liquid silicone with opaque anti-reflection finish for added stealth, perfect for underwater hunting activities. The mask has symmetrical lenses in tempered glass.

The easy push adjustment buckles are integrated into the frame. The mask skirt has a double feathered edge and a wide split style strap for a perfect seal on the face. A large easy to reach nose pocket provides easy ear equalisation even when wearing gloves. Mask comes packaged with a ridged transparent mask box for storage and safe transport.

Seac One Freediving Low Volume Mask Features

  • Bestselling Mask in History of Seac
  • Anatomic Skirt Provides an Extraordinary Capacity to Adapt to Various Faces
  • Size Makes it Perfect All-Purpose Mask
  • Low Inner Volume Design
  • Highly-Adaptable Silicone Anatomic Skirt
  • Camouflage Design Obtained with WFT Technology
  • Frame: Polycarbonate Lined with Special Anti-Abrasion Camouflage Film
  • Skirt: Liquid Silicone w/Opaque Anti-Reflection Finish for Added Stealth
  • Perfect for Underwater Hunting Activities
  • Symmetrical Lenses in Tempered Glass
  • Easy Push Adjustment Buckles, Integrated into Frame
  • Double Feathered Edge Silicone Skirt
  • Wide Split Strap and Feathered Edge Skirt Combine for Perfect Seal on Face
  • Large Easy to Reach Nose Pocket for Ear Equalisation
  • Protective Mask Box

Seac Jet Freediving Snorkel

A classic J-style snorkel that has been tried and true, the simple design makes this snorkel almost bullet proof and reliable compared too many of the newer hi-tech snorkels on the market. No fancy valves on top or bottom, if you can blast clear a snorkel than this is what you want.

The Seac Jet Freediving Snorkel has a durable, yet comfortable liquid silicone mouthpiece that allows prolonged freediving excursions. The contoured snorkel tube is made from a PVC material for long life and reliability. The ergonomic designed tube is comfortable and helps streamline the divers profile in the water. Snorkel includes an easy to use quick disconnect snorkel keeper.

Seac Jet Freediving Snorkel Features

  • Designed for Serious Spear Fishermen and Freedivers
  • Classic J-Style Snorkel
  • Bullet Proof and Reliable Design
  • Tried and True, Simple Design
  • Durable, Yet Comfortable Liquid Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece: Allows Prolonged Freediving Excursions
  • Snorkel Tube: PVC Material for Long Life and Reliability
  • Contoured Snorkel Tube: Streamlines Divers Profile In-the-Water
  • Ergonomic Designed Tube is Comfortable
  • Easy to Use Quick Disconnect Snorkel Keeper

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